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    male Character in Mega Man Battle Network Franchise. He is a Boss in battle Network 2 and a Playable character in Battle Network 5 ProtoMan Version.

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    MagnetMan is an electric Navi that specializes in magnetism manipulation.

    Mega Man Battle Network 2

    Magnet Man first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2 under the operation of Magnus Gauss and order of Gospel, and hijacked a plane that Lan and MegaMan were on returning back to Electropia from a trip to Netopia. he was eventually defeated, and Magnus was arrested.

    Mega Man Battle Network 5:Team ProtoMan

    Magnet Man Returned Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan under the control of Tesla Gauss, the daughter of Magnus Gauss. He is initially in the Oran Mine with Tesla, but is confronted by Lan, after his drilling in the mine caused an earthquake that trapped Dex, Maylu and Yai in a pit. however, since he was being uncooperative, he battled MegaMan, and lost. Afterwards, Tesla was offered the chance to join the liberation Mission team, which she accepted. MagnetMan was used to aid ProtoMan and MegaMan enter the Oran Liberaton Area by creating a barrier to allow Blues to slice through the cannons blocking the entrance

    Liberation Mission data

    NS Tackle in action.
    NS Tackle in action.

    Magnet Man specializes in defense, and can generate a Magnetbarrier to grant all his team members protection from damage during the darkloid phase.

    His charge shot is magnet rush, and his personal chip is NS Tackle, whereby he rams straight down his row into the first enemy in sight. if he is positioned properly, with either 1 space free between the target and MagnetMan (or 2), he can generate a North Pole version of himself to charge from the opposite direction, doing 2x damage.

    Battle Chips

    in Battle Network 5, his BattleChip, MagnetMan, does the same thing as his personal chip, but in stop-time mode. It has a base power of 90, which is increased in the MagnetMan DS and MagnetMan SP chips. The DS Chip strength is relative to how many dark holes are on the field, while the SP Chip strangth is realtive to the time in which MagnetMan Omega is defeated, S-Ranking is required. attack power increases from below 30 seconds.


    MagnetMan M - 90 - Elec
    MagnetMan DS M - 100↑ - Elec (usable only by Dark MegaMan)
    MagnetMan SP M - 100↑ - Elec (usable only by Light MegaMan)

    In Battle Network 2, his chip also operates in the same manner, but has a base power of 130.


    #218 MagnetMan M - 130 - Elec
    #219 MagnetManV2 M - 140 - Elec
    #220 MagnetManV3 M - 150 - Elec

    Magnet Soul

    MegaMan in Magnet Soul form.
    MegaMan in Magnet Soul form.

    • Magnet Man's unison is Magnet Soul, which changes MegaMan into an electric element Navi, and grants him the ability to walk on magnet panels without being thrown off.
    • he is also able to charge up non-timestopping elec chips with the A button to release them at 2x damage.
    • his Mega Buster is changed to Magnet Pull, which draws enemies to the front of their row, and if MegaMan is in the front of his row, it can cause damage.
    •  he is also able to immobilize enemies  in the same row as him with B and <--.
    • However, he is also now weak to Wood, and takes 2x damage from wood-based attacks.

    Chaos Magnet Soul

    Chaos Magnet Soul is formed when MegaMan fuses with the DarkThunder chip, and is only available in Team ProtoMan.

    MegaMan in ChaosMagnet Soul form.
    MegaMan in ChaosMagnet Soul form.
    • The Soul lasts for 1 turn, and behaves the same as regular Magnet Soul, except the charge shot has been changed from MagnetBolt to DarkThunder.

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