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    Magpul PDR

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    The Magpul PDR is a bullpup assault rifle, designated as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). It fires the standard NATO 5.56x45mm rounds, and shares magazine and attachment commonality with the M16/M4.

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    Designed to be adaptive, compact, lightweight and share commonality with other fire arms that follow the 5.56 NATO standard. It was primarily conceived as a weapon to be carried by pilots, tank crews, and protective details, as it can be stored and operated in a tightly crammed environment due to its size.

    Battlefield 3

    It is unlocked in multiplayer at Rank 32, and being classified as a PDW, is usable by all classes. As a ultra-compact firearm, it still maintains a surprising range and punch. By default it has a 25 round magazine, and while it works in-game, this would never be the case in reality as the gun shares standard 30 round M16/M4 magazines. However, an extended magazine is available for unlock with enough use.

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

    Used only by the US Engineer class, it can be made available to the Russian Engineer class if unlocked upon reaching level 50. The model depicted is the PDR-D Model, featuring a picatinny rail and foregrip in place of the P90-style grip.


    The PDR makes an appearance in Brink as the renamed Bulpdaun SMG. There are minor cosmetic changes, specifically with the magazine shape and size. It is classified as a submachine gun, and while it has consistent accuracy, it is the bulkiest and slowest reloading SMG in the game.


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