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    Ancient creatures with mystical powers who roam the world of Mother 3.

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    Ancient creatures who are nor human nor beast, nor male nor female and are said to protect something. The length of their lives is intrinsically tied to the world in which they live in. In an in-depth interview on, Itoi-san explains the idea behind the magypsies: 
         "It's because the world in the game is so macho. The good guys in the game are strong and they fight. The same goes for the bad guys. So in other words, it's set up so that might equals right. "Power is Beautiful." And amid all of that, there are these non-men yet non-women people who have already gone so far as to accept their fate of death. If these characters really existed... I would want people who play MOTHER 3 not to act hostile towards them. I would want them to have fun together in a world they both share." 

    List of Magypsies

    According to series creator Shigesato Itoi, it was music composer Shogo Sakai's idea to name the Magypsies after musical modes.
    • Aeolia
    • Doria
    • Lydia
    • Phrygia
    • Mixolydia
    • Ionia
    • Locria

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