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Maiko is an elementary school student who the protagonist of Persona 3 befriends. In order to initiate the Hanged Man social link, the protagonist must bring her takoyaki then Mad Bull. Afterward Maiko will be available on weekdays at the Naganaki Shrine.
Early on in the Social Link Maiko tells the protagonist of her parents' upcoming divorce. She is distraught by this, especially when in one event her father hits her and she is told that it is her fault that her parents are divorcing. This causes Maiko to run away from home, hoping that her parents will work together to find her, and work things out and not get divorced.
Maiko's parents eventually come across the protagonist and beg to know where their daughter has gone, and the protagonist agrees to help. The three of them eventually find Maiko at a Takoyaki stand. While her parents are thrilled to find her, they are angry that she ran a way from home. However they agree to talk to her about the divorce. The divorce eventually happens.
At the end of the social link Maiko tells you her and her mother are moving away to live with each other. However before leaving she tells the protagonist that one day she will marry him.
In the final days of the game if the protagonist returns to Naganaki Shrine, he will find Maiko's father. Maiko's father shows the protagonist a note that Maiko sent to him. He then tells the protagonist to stay away from his daughter, after learning about Maiko's intentions on marrying him.
Maxing Maiko's social link unlocks the Persona Attis. 


The Hanged Man Arcana
The Hanged Man Arcana

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