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    The Las Plagas-infected villagers from Resident Evil 5. "Majini" is a Swahili or Zigula word for "evil spirit". "Majini" comes from the swahili word "Jini" and as such Majini is the plural form of the word Jini.

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    The Way the Plagas Works

    The word "Majini" is the term given to the groups of people who have been infected by Type 2&3 Plagas. Majini are seen within the game of Resident Evil 5 in the town of Kijuju. The infection in Resident Evil 5 is spread through the use of an oral parasite. The parasite is usually force fed to the host. Once digested the parasite attaches itself to the host’s central nervous system, this causes the infected host to lose all of their rational thinking facilities and are able to give and take orders from other infected humans. Even though the host has no control over any rational thinking they still retain the intelligence to communicate and devise strategies with other majini. They are able to use a wide range of tools and are surprisingly sneaky when in battle with the player, at times even flanking the player and driving them out of cover. They can also control vehicles and heavy machinery, to the extent of setting traps and using heavy firearms. The Plagas within Resident Evil 5 is different to that of the one found in Europe (Resident Evil 4). The Plagas in Europe was injected into the host while it was still within the egg stage, meaning that the parasite had to mature within the host’s body. This meant that the host would not become infected straight away. The Plagas in Resident Evil 5 is force fed to the host in the mature stage meaning that the infection is almost instantaneous, making it more reliable than the Plagas from Europe.

    3 Types of MajiniThere are 3 main types of common Majini throughout the game of Resident Evil 5. They all have different characteristics and tactics throughout the game.

    Town MajiniMajini are very different in appearance to zombies, they basically look like everyday humans (aside from a greyish tone in the skin and slight flesh repulsions in more violent mutations). The Town Majini is basically average civilians who were infected by the Plagas. They are dressed in everyday clothing and are usually found wearing t-shirts and jeans. Whilst most of the Town Majini look like Africans, some resemble other ethnicities such as Arabian and western. The Town Majini is by far the weakest out of the common Majini. These Majini are mainly armed with melee weapons such as posts, shovels, pipes and wrenches and glass bottles. They may also be equipped with Molotov Cocktails and Dynamite (something which can prove to be fatal in higher difficulties) to set traps and throw at the player, yet this is only common in higher levels.

    Wetlands MajiniThis is the second type of Majini encountered in the game. They are very different to the Majini encountered in the town in both appearance and fighting style. They are dressed in tribal headpieces and skirts, their bodies are covered in Tribal War paint. They are equipped with large spears (many varying in size and damage) and large decorative war shields. This is a great improvement compared to the Town Majini's everyday household items. The mutation seen taking place in the Wetlands is a lot more aggressive to that of the Town Majini. Wetlands Majini have been somewhat mutilated, some of the having old war wounds re opened and exposed, some of them even have their top or lower lip missing exposing their teeth. They are a lot more athletic and powerful than the Town Majini. Many of the spear wielding Majini will crouch then leap towards the player (sometimes many feet between the enemy and the player) and stab them with their spear. When knocked down they can recover a lot faster than the Town Majini. Aside from the spear they may also use longbows to fire flaming arrows and exploding arrows at the player and also use large bombs that they may throw off the player. Away from held weapons they also use their environment to their advantage, usually setting traps or destroying parts of the environment to put off the player. In battle with the player, the Wetlands Majini will use war tactics against the player, usually by ambushing them and forcing them into corners to kill them. They will also position themselves at a height and distance away from the player in order to kill them from a distance with arrows.

    Base MajiniOut of the three, this type of Majini is the most powerful and dangerous. These Majini are a lot more intelligent in combat as they were soldiers before there infected state. When in combat with the player they will hide behind walls to take cover from fire and will throw flash bangs and grenades at the player to push them out of cover. They will fire from behind cover to force the player into corners or to scare them out of corner in order to flank the player. They are dressed in military style clothing, ranging from camo khakis to full sets of body armour (sometimes helmets or gas masks making headshots impossible or chest and leg pieces to make critical shots impossible). They are armed with the AK-74, making them a lot more dangerous than other Majini. On higher difficulties a few bullets can cause a player their life if they’re not careful. Their guns are equipped with green lasers, similar to the players red one. Some will also arm themselves with RPG's, Stun Rods and Riot shields. Their inventory of weapons puts towards their fighting style, where the riot shield wielding majini will march ahead while the ones equipped with the rifles hang back and pick players off as they try to run.

    Uncommon Types of MajiniChainsaw Majini

    Big Man Majini

    Giant Majini

    Gatling Gun Majini

    The Executioner


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