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Since birth, Simon Gaines had violent tendencies and was destined for military service. After enlisting, he climbed the skill and rank ladder quickly. His potential was noticed early for joining the covert operations sector of the British military, the SAS.

Once a member of the SAS, he ultimately became the leader of a quick attack unit used in dire situations, the Iron Hawkes. The members of this group have a life expectancy of 1.7 missions as they are often sent on suicide missions. Gaines had survived an unbelievable 16 missions and was then sent to South America to rescue the British minister, who was kidnapped by the second biggest drug lord in the world, Carlos Bano. During the mission, Gaines casually switched sides and accepted Bano's offter to become the Major of his commandos. In doing so, Gaines received an experimental steroid injection implant from the chief chemist of the Bano. This implant gives Gaines the ability to temporarily boost his size and strength on demand.

Five years later, Bano's rival drug lords offered him $10 million to assassinate Carlos Bano. Gaines accepted the offer and now, for the right price, continues to make his skills available.

Major Gaines's military training has him prepared for several bouts of combat, however his most important skill is obviously his Steroid Boost. The Steroid Boost powers him up; increasing the amount of damage dealt, his strength, and size. These powers do have their drawbacks though. While "boosted," Gaines's heart is much weaker, and he receives more damage.

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