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    Major League Baseball 2K9

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 03, 2009

    MLB 2K9 is the 2009 edition of 2K Sports' MLB 2K series.

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    Features include:

    Home Run Derby presented by State Farm

    • New best of the best mode. Test your skills against the top 20 HR hitters.
    • Classic mode streamlined for faster gameplay

    New Playoffs Mode

    • Jump right into a playoff scenario without having to play through a whole season.
    • Get all of the rewards of the World Series celebrations if you win.

    Topps Trading Cards

    • Greatly simplify the user experience to unlock trading cards. Better players are harder to unlock.
    • Unlock them both by playing with, and against, the player.
    • Build trading card teams with no budget restrictions and take them online.
    • Review the trading cards in books anywhere in the game.


    • Add SFX and graphic overlays to in-game replays to create your own highlight reel.
    • You can have the game digitize the reel and upload it to to share with the world.
    • Rate reels and directors through our simple 2Krating system.

    VIP Viewer

    • View all of your user stats in one place.
    • Your abilities are graphed out, displayed in chart form, and comparable against league averages.


    • Implement the new Sony PS3 trophy system.
    • On 360, each time you unlock an achievement, you get a new trophy added to your display case.


    • Pitching – Unique pitching controls with increased accessibility for pick-up-and-play users.
    • Improved pitching controls - Simplified controls to 2-step pitching – hold and gesture.
    • Catcher’s will call for pitches according to the hitter’s weaknesses.


    • Influence hit – The users will be able to influence a fly ball or groundball with new controls.
    • New bunting controls – Improved bunting will make it easier to lay down a bunt.
    • Zone hitting – Users will be able to put the bat on the ball with our new zone hitting feature.
    • Hit distribution – Improved hit distribution for a wide variety of hits.


    • Fielding – Upgraded fielding system with new ability to quick throw when in a rush.
    • Fielding AI – Improved fielding AI will highlight the player’s true ability.
    • Quick Throws – Quick throws will allow the user to throw on the run or start a double play quicker.
    • Hold the ball – Users will be able to cancel a throw and throw to a different direction on the fly.


    • Simplified controls for the user for stealing and baserunning.

    Signature Style

    • More than 300 new signature animations, making MLB 2K9 the most realistic baseball sim to date.

    Real-time Living World

    • Anything that happens in a baseball stadium happens in 2K9 in Real Time.
    • Players will move from the dugout to the batter’s box and from the bullpen to the mound.
    • Players warm up by throwing around the horn, bat swinging practice, etc.
    • Umpire, ball boys, coaches – All on-field personnel will be moving naturally to and from their positions.
    • Celebrations – Players will react properly to a regular end-game to walkoff home run, to no-hitter, and World Series celebration.
    • Vendors move in the crowd.
    • Fans react to home runs and foul balls.  


    • Len - Steal My Sunshine
    • Ted Nugent - Motor City Madhouse
    • Judas Priest - You Got Another Thing Coming
    • Cheap Trick - Hello There
    • The Romantics - What I Like About You
    • Boys Like Girls - On Top of the World
    • Coheed & Cambria - Favor House Atlantic
    • Europe - The Final Countdown
    • Hey Monday - Should've Tried Harder
    • Lit - Lipstick and Bruises
    • SR-71 - Right Now
    • Loverboy - The Kid is Hot Tonight
    • Nortec Collective - Tengo La Voz
    • Chris Sernel - Take It or Leave It
    • Daniel Lenz - Groovin' Now
    • Dirty Secrets - White Lies
    • Royal Temple - Block Party


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