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Makar is a Korok that first appears in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in the Forbidden Woods after Link kills the boss and rescues Makar. Makar is a skilled violinist who plays for the Great Deku Tree. He is not seen again until Link needs a successor for Fado, a Wind Sage. Makar is busy practicing behind a waterfall. Upon hearing Link's request and Wind God's Aria, Makar and Link set out to the Wind Temple. After Link destroys Molgera, Link and Makar play Wind God's Aria to summon Fado, and Makar becomes the new sage after this ritual. Makar continues to pray so Link's Master Sword keeps its powers to repel evil's bane.

After Link and Tetra defeat Ganondorf, Makar and Medli are seen on Tetra's ship as Link embarks with them for a new adventure.

Powers and Abilities

Using Link's Command Melody, Makar has two abilities.

  1. Makar can plant seeds that grow quickly to become trees. This allows Link to use these trees as hook shot targets.
  2. Makar can fly using a little helicopter rotor made of Deku Leaves that sprouts from his back.

Like Medli, Makar is vulnerable to enemies such as Floor Masters.


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