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    Makoto Nanaya

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    An energetic squirrel-girl that first appeared as an NPC in BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger before being made available as DLC for Continuum Shift. As a student, she was friends with Noel and Tsubaki.

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    Official Biography

    Name: Makoto Nanaya

    Race: Beast-woman (Squirrel)

    Birthplace: The 11th Hierarchical City "Shinatsu"

    Date of Birth: April 2

    Weight: 49kg

    Height: 163cm (5'3")

    Blood Type: O

    Hobbies: Lacrosse

    Likes: All-you-can-eat, Chestnut parfait

    Dislikes: Discrimination

    English Voice Actor: Janice Kawaye (Calamity Trigger), Lara Jill Miller (Continuum Shift)

    Japanese Voice Actor: Tomomi Isomura

    Calamity Trigger

    A student of the NOL who studied within the same class as Noel, Tsubaki, Jin and Carl. She plays a minor role within Calamity Trigger's story, and is an unplayable character.

    Continuum Shift

    In the story, Makoto has been hired by the NOL Intelligence Division and sent to Kagutsuchi for some unknown reason. Despite her outgoing and excitable exterior, Makoto is actually quite intelligent, as she is able to feed high-level NOL intelligence to Tager through a secret meeting at a local museum. Though she went through the NOL's Military Academy with other playable characters in the game, Makoto soon becomes wary of the cruelty of the Library, especially when she sees Hazama trying to kill Jin and manipulate Noel. In the end, she severs her ties with the Library, boards a ship with Tager and others and sets off for the ruins of Ikaruga.

    As of August 5, 2010, Makoto is now a playable character in the game, though she can only be unlocked by paying for her through XBL or PSN at 560MSP/$7.99 respectively. She wields a pair of cross-shaped tonfa as her main weapons. On December 3, 2010 she was released for sale in PAL territores alongside the release of Continuum Shift itself.

    In the game, her Drive is called Impact, one that hits the opponent harder depending on how long the D button is held, but with the caveat that holding it too long will lower the power again. A small meter appears at the bottom of the screen to aid the player with the timing. She's also capable of briefly creating fake copies of herself to misdirect opponents, and that her fighting style mainly involves close-range combat with one projectile attack, though it is an improvised move involving an initial command followed by the use of a correctly timed Drive attack.


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