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    Introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Makoto is a Japanese karate fighter in the Street Fighter franchise.

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    Makoto is a martial arts fighter in the Street Fighter series. Although introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike as a new character, Makoto also appears in Super Street Fighter IV. Her objective throughout the games were to increase the reputation of her martial arts style.

    Makoto fights under the discipline of the Rindoukan karate while studying as a student in her local school located in the Japanese prefecture of Kochi. Although considered a new character during development of 3rd Strike, rumors came about that Makoto was Ryu's younger sister.

    Makoto looks quite tomboyish, with aggressive poses and attacks with little to tell that she is even female. She wears a white gi with a yellow hachimaki around her neck that flutters violently to emphasize her theme of velocity. Being a Kochi native, the Japanese voice actress of Makoto is by Makoto Tsumura who speaks the prefecture's Tosa dialect. Makoto is the only character in the game whose sprite stands absolutely still when motionless; only her clothing and hair flutter slightly.


    Super Street Fighter IV

    One of the many alternate costumes Makoto can wear in Super Street Fighter IV.
    One of the many alternate costumes Makoto can wear in Super Street Fighter IV.

    After the death of her father and Rindoukan master, the Kochi dojo stood in shambles with no one attending. Makoto's brother chose to abandon any chances of reviving the dojo to further his business career, she is left with no choice but to take care of the issue herself. She gets herself to fight in the S.I.N. tournament to help promote the martial arts. Makoto meets up with many fighters including Fei-Long in hopes to increase the Rindoukan reputation.

    Although somewhat successful in her participation in the tournament, she becomes discouraged of being unable to receive funds towards the dojo repair. Fortunately, Makoto believes that success can probably come in her participation in more fighting tournaments.

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    Makoto would participate in the third world warriors tournament and would fight against many new and some familiar fighters including Ryu. Eventually Makoto and her Rindoukan dojo would gain notoriety causing many outside fighters to converge and learn the style only by defeating her first. Unfortunately, Makoto continues to stay undefeated as more and more participate.


    Makoto's gameplan centers around incredibly rapid, devastating mixups executed at point-blank range. By using her fast, long-reaching command throw, she is able to choke hesitating opponents and inflict extreme damage with a followup combo. Generally, Makoto players will seek to scare opponents into blocking so that they can grab them; this can be achieved using her strong air-to-air game.

    Makoto is especially infamous in Street Fighter III: Third Strike for her ability to kill opponents with a single opening by utilizing a command throw follow-up combo that deals a large amount of damage and completely stuns most of the cast, allowing her to use the killing combo of her choice on the defenseless opponent. This sequence makes Makoto one of the game's most threatening characters at close range, and allows her to convert one mistake by her opponent into an instant victory.

    Special moves

    The special moves in Makoto's arsenal compliment her speed and power. The "Hayate" allows Makoto to instantly deliver a distanced punch which can be delayed or cancelled. For anti-air, Makoto uses the "Fukiage" where she can launch her fist towards the sky against any enemies in the air. An overhead move called the "Oroshi" allows Makoto to hit and knock down enemies with her falling palm. In the air, Makoto can perform an arc kick called the "Tsurugi" which can also give her more air time. For setting moves, she can perform the "Karakusa" which has her grab an enemy allowing time to perform damaging attacks.

    Super moves/Ultra moves

    The Karakusa can lead to a couple of Makoto's more powerful moves. The "Seichuusen Godanzuki" lands major blows in the body before the final powerful blow that travels the opponent to the air. The "Abare Tosnami" has Makoto hit the wall and perform a precise dive kick with a combination of punches and kicks before one last upwards punch which can continue with some special moves for more damage. Makoto can boost her damage for a limited time with the "Tanden Renki" which turns her red colored.


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