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    The Maledictum is an ancient Chaos Artifact that resides on the planet Tartarus. Its very presence has cursed the planet with Chaos Taint and bloodshed.

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    The Maledictum is an ancient Chaos artifact that has darkened the history of the Planet Tartarus. It was lost on the planet thousands of years ago. An Imperial Excavation Team unearthed a marker that was the first step towards finding the Maledictum. With renewed vigor the forces of Chaos mobilized to find what was once lost.

    Dark Artifact (Spoilers Below)


    Thousands of years ago the Maledictum was lost. Many Chaos Crusades had been launched to find the ancient Chaos Relic, but none were successful. Unknown to all who hunted for the artifact, it was on the Planet Tartarus. According to the ancient text of the Registratum Malthius, a warp storm drove the original inhabitants of Tartarus mad. They buried the Maledictum and all of the Chaos Markers. Later when the Imperial settlers came to repopulate the planet, they built their cities over the Chaos Markers, and the Maledictum. The relic stayed hidden for millennia, safe from those that would try to destroy it, but hidden from those that would try to wield its power.

    It wasn’t until an Imperial Excavation Team uncovered a Chaos Marker that the Maledictum’s location was made known. As news spread, the forces of Chaos, in particular the Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines, began the hunt for the relic. The dark object also drew the attention of the ever watchful eye of the Inquisition.

    Ancient Enemy

    Chaos’ oldest enemy, the Eldar, had a part to play in the dark history of the Maledictum. For centuries they guarded the secret of the Maledictum, for it was the Eldar that created the Maledictum. The Maledictum was not merely a focal point for warp energy, but a prison. The Maledictum imprisoned a demon of incredible power and the Eldar trapped it in the Maledictum. The Eldar needed to ensure that the demon that they captured in the artifact was never set free.

    Chaos Sorcerer

    The architect that planned the search for the Maledictum was the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri of Alpha Legion. He set the events in motion that would lead the Chaos Space Marines to the lost artifact. Sindri lured Orks to Tartarus to distract the Imperial Forces. The Chaos Sorcerer weaved a web of deception so devious that it had the Orks, the Imperial Guard, The Space Marines, and even the Chaos Lord Bale furthering Sindri’s goals. The Alpha Legion would be the Chaos Space Marine Chapter to find the legendary relic, but Syndri would be the only one to wield its power.

    The Key

    The Maledictum was protected by an energy field that surrounded the artifact. It was a failsafe device to keep the demon trapped inside, while simultaneously keeping away those wishing to possess it. The only way to deactivate the field was with a key that was kept separate from the Maledictum. The Eldar intended to keep the key safe by fending off the approaching Blood Ravens, but Sindri took advantage of the distraction and stole the key.

    Sacrifice of Blood

    The Maledictum corrupts Isador
    The Maledictum corrupts Isador
    In order for the demon in the Maledictum to be set free and restored to full strength it needed blood. Sindri knew this and planned to provide an ample feast of blood for the demon to feed on. As the conflict on the planet escalated, the body count rose, and the demon grew stronger. The Chaos Sorcerer’s plan didn’t just include the deaths of thousands of rank-in-file combatants, but also the sacrifice of more ‘exquisitely’ important soldiers. The pile of corpses included Ork Warboss Orkamungus, Chaos Lord Bale, and Blood Ravens’ Librarian Isador Akios.

    The Demon in the Stone

    Demon Prince Sindri
    Demon Prince Sindri

    When Sindri finally gains possession of the Maledictum it grants him the rank and powers of Demon Prince. What Sindri didn’t know was that the demon, although imprisoned, could still influence the world outside of the Maledictum. It was the demon that summoned the warp storm that drove the original inhabitants of Tartarus mad, and it was probably the demon that was bringing the warp storm that was headed for Tartarus.

    The demon was far from powerless, and it wanted one last sacrifice, it wanted Demon Prince Sindri dead. It was the Captain of the Blood Ravens, Gabriel Angelos, which felled the Demon Prince with the mighty Daemonhammer: Godsplitter. With the same holy relic that killed Sindri, Gabriel destroyed the Maledictum. However, this did not kill the Demon. Instead, the Demon was set free. The Demon fed on the thousands of deaths brought forth by the Ork Waagh. The Demon savored the deaths of Orkamungus, Lord Bale, Isador, and Sindri. The demon was free after thousands of years of captivity, and it had the Blood Ravens Captain to thank.

    Not cowered by the Demon, Gabriel vowed to destroy the demon when next they met.

    The demon set free
    The demon set free


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