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Warcraft III

Mal'Ganis is responsible for much of the plans that leads Prince Arthas to the Lich King, and to corruption through Frostmourne. After purging the city of Stratholme and encountering Mal'Ganis, Arthas pursues the dreadlord to Northrend in which he finds Frostmourne and sacrifices his soul to the Lich King. Now under the Lich King's command, Arthas defeats Mal'Ganis.

World of Warcraft

 Mal'Ganis in World of Warcraft.
 Mal'Ganis in World of Warcraft.
Players are able to re-enact the encounter of Arthas and Mal'Ganis at Stratholme with Arthas assisting them in the 5 man dungeon The Culling of Stratholme; the dungeon was released with the expansion Wrath of the Lich King. Once players take down his health to 1%, Mal'Ganis becomes invicible and teleports out of the city after asking Arthas to meet him in Northrend. 
Though he had long been presumed dead he reappears, aligned with the Scarlett Onslaught in the form of Admiral Barean Westwind.  In the Ice Crown quest "The Admiral Revealed," Malganis shows his true face to players.   
 He escapes the wrath of the players, forming an exit portal when players make it to 1%.

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