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    Malin is a character from The King of Fighters franchise. She is a sneaky combatant who uses a variety of deadly weapons.

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    Malin debuted in The King of Fighters 2003 as a member of the High School Girls Team with Athena and Hinako. SNK Playmore stated that she was introduced to replace Choi Bounge. She becomes a member of the Anti-Kyokugenryu Team with Kasumi Todoh and Eiji Kisaragi in The King of Fighters XI because she does not like Yuri Sakazaki.

    The way that Malin's name is rendered in English came from KOF 2003's "supervising designer," who prefers using an 'l' instead of an 'r.' (Even though "Marin" is a Japanese name and "Malin" is not.)

    Fighting Techniques

    Malin, like Choi, uses quick slashing attacks on the ground and in the air. Malin, however, carries an entire arsenal of weapons; this includes electric knives, bladed yo-yos, and a gigantic mallet.

    Command Normal

    • Crimson Scorpion: She spins in the air, coming down with knives outstretched. If used standalone, the move must be blocked standing.

    Special Moves

    • Yellow Jacket (Terrestrial): Malin flies forward, claws outstretched. Can be canceled into Yellow Jacket (Change Direction).
    • Yellow Jacket (Air): Malin jumps upward, claw outstretched.
    • Yellow Jacket (Jump/Change Direction): Malin spins in the air and flies in the direction specified by the player. The direction can be changed twice.
    • Demon Arachnid: Malin throws a bladed yo-yo which spins in the air for a short while.
    • Poison Scorpion: Malin thrusts two electric knives forward; they hit the opponent multiple times.

    Desperation Moves

    • Mayfly: Malin performs a high kick with her bladed shoe. If successful, she throws several knives into the opponent at once.
    • Queen Bee: An aerial DM. She references Spider-Man by screaming "Maximum Malin!" as she performs a divekick. If successful, she performs a short series of warping divekicks before knocking the opponent to the ground.
    • Smashing Salamander: Malin's Leader Desperation Move. She almost instantly crushes the opponent with a gigantic mallet; the force that she uses to swing the hammer causes her to somersault forward. The attack must be blocked standing, works on characters lying on the ground, and can deal 100% damage with two uses. (A Counter Hit followed by a ground strike.)

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