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    A clan of vampires known for their insanity... their unstable minds are a curse and a blessing, giving them unique insight into the thoughts of others.

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    The mental instability of the Malkavians manifests itself in various ways...

    Due to their curse (or gift) they are feared and mistrusted by fellow clans. As a member of the Malkavians you speak in riddles and it is often a challenge to even understand yourself as you converse with Kine and Kindred. Being oblivious to etiquette Malkavian responses are frequently hilarious and just talking crazy to people is half the fun of playing this clan.

    A positive side-effect is that your mixed up mind will often pick up on hidden truths and motivations, which catches people off-guard and can be very useful...


    • Auspex - allows you to see the aura of anyone nearby and heightens certain abilities (Wits and Perception).
    • Dementation - lets you infect others with your insanity, from Hysteria to absolute terror resulting in a heart attack.
    • Obfuscate - the power of invisibility.

    Notable Malkavians

    • The Voerman twins - Jeanette and Therese run The Asylum Nightclub in Santa Monica.
    • Dr Alistair Grout - Primogen for the Malkavian clan in LA and formerly a practicing psychologist. Recently retreated to his mansion and has not been heard from since...


    • At several points in the game the television in your apartment addresses you directly - e.g. "Police are still looking for the suspect, but they're pretty sure it was you." - and at one point you get into a discussion with it.
    • You can get into an argument with a STOP-sign in Downtown LA.
    • From time to time the player will hear voices whispering advice.

    If you're only going to play Bloodlines once, play it as a Malkavian.


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