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A game set in different themed ICA stores - a chain of supermarkets in Sweden. The game contains products placement from many companies; the game was distributed with the purchase of several of them. Many copies of the game were distributed by McDonald's who had a prominent role in the game - Every ICA in the game contains a McDonald's store where players can obtain a speed boosting power up in the form of a McDonald's burger.


The player can choose from several different characters, each with different stats - such as speed and handling. Throughout the game, various other characters can be unlocked, often based on the theme of the stage; for example, an astronaut can be unlocked via the space-themed stage.

There are three different modes of play: Race, Foodfight and Quiz.

  • Race: Players race through the supermarket with a shopping-cart, in order to reach the cash register before the AI opponents.
  • Foodfight: The object of the game is to get to a product first. The PA system will tell the player what product to get; the first player to get five products and then get to the cash register wins. To collect products, players have to let go of the cart and then throw the product in. One component of this mode is crashing into other contestants in order to slow them down.
  • Quiz: In the Quiz mode, players get a list of products to collect as fast as possible. To get a product, players have to answer a question regarding one of the products in the game.

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