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Malzahar is a mage champion in League of Legends specializing in damage over time. His passive lets him summon a voidling which attacks enemy units.


Malzahar was born with the powers of a prophet. His destiny was to be a seer for his nation, but Malzahar was haunted by his visions, slowly driving him to madness. One day Malzahar succumbed to his visions, and left to find the ancient civilization known as Icarthia.

After wandering in the desert for many days, Malzahar found himself at the ruins of the ancient city. A desolate civilization was not the only thing Malzahar found that day, for when he reached the city visions of The Void filled his head and corrupted him to do it's bidding.


Summon Voidling
Summon Voidling

Passive: Malzahar summons a voidling after casting five spells which automatically attacks enemies effected with Maliphic Visions. If the voidling survives long enough, it gains increased attack, armor, and attack speed.

Call of the Void
Call of the Void

Active ability (Q): After a short delay, Malzahar unleashes a long projectile, dealing both damage and muting any enemies hit by it.

Null Zone
Null Zone

Active ability (W): Malzahar creates a circular zone on the ground, dealing a percentage of enemies in the zone's max health in magic damage over time.

Malephic Visions
Malephic Visions

Active ability (E): Malzahar targets one opponent with the spell dealing damage over time. If Malephic Visions kills the target, it will jump to the nearest enemy unit.

Nether Grasp
Nether Grasp

Active ability (R): Malzahar's ultimate ability. Malzahar shoots a beam of energy at one enemy champion, dealing damage and stunning them over 2.5 seconds.


StatBase ValueGrowth per Level
Movement Speed3150
Spell Block300
Health Regen5.50.55
Mana Regen4.90.4


Upon Selection

  • "Oblivion awaits..."


  • "We demand sacrifice."
  • "At once."
  • "Icathia beckons."
  • "Second sight ordains it."
  • "We are timeless."
  • "Without question."
  • "In due course."
  • "Do not challenge fate's will!"
  • "Inevitable."
  • "It is done."
  • "Their time is short."
  • "As was foreseen."
  • "It is in motion."
  • "Mortality is weakness."


  • "Bow to the void! Or be consumed by it!"
  • "Come mortal, witness your demise!"


  • *burps* I think a Voidling just came out."

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