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MAN vs VERIFIED is a top-down beat-em-up with a looping wave-based progression system. Enemies and powerups are introduced as the player reaches new Waves. After Wave 10, the player can enter into "NG+", where the enemies are more difficult, but allow for quicker buildup of Followers. The goal of the game is to reach 1,000,000 Followers in order to become verified.

List of Enemies

NameEarliest WaveBase HealthDescription
Tweet15Shoots single bullets
Promoted110Shoots triple wide shot
Deleted18Shoots quad straight shot
At220Shoots even burst from center
Hashtag316Shoots homing bullets
Empty Like425Eats player upon contact
Slime Bucket530Leaves deadly slime in path
Bot632Shoots accelerated bullets
Rod710Spins and hits you
Protected835Shoots double wide shot

Shoots various bullet patterns;

Rolls and ricochets into walls


NameEarliest WaveDescription
Pump1Shoots fist in direction of movement
Pot2Spills hot coffee under player, burning any enemies on top
Martin3Summons Martin, who attacks one enemy at a time
Bracers4Spawns bracers that surround and spin around player
Honor Meat5Spawns Meat outwards from player
Mangry6Yells at game
Chain7Attaches a chain to the ground and the player, dealing damage to enemies in between
Forge8Same as Chain, but lasts shorter and does more damage
Truth Bomb9Drops bombs around player

Progression System

Each wave has a set number of enemies to spawn, with the exception of Wave 10, which spawns enemies until Verified is defeated. Once all enemies in a wave are killed, the player upgrades his power, progressing to the next wave. When the player completes Wave 10, he is given a NG+ powerup, which loops the game back to Wave 1, but with more difficult enemies.

The player gains Follows for any damage done to enemies, whether through punches, RTs, or powerups. The player becomes verified once he reaches 1,000,000 followers.


For now, the game is only playable by MAN on his Twitch channel, as it chronicles his real-life struggle to become verified on Twitter. When he becomes verified, the game will be released to the general public.


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