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Both a character class and a race of people that appear in the Fire Emblem games. These people are from the ancient dragon bloodline, and have the ability to transform into dragons.

Fire Dragonstone
Fire Dragonstone

Manaketes are not to be confused with the laguz, a similar class of shape-shifting humanoids. Manaketes can only transform into dragons through the use of a dragonstone. These rare stones are available in limited supply, limiting the use of these very powerful units.




The king of all dragons, Naga led an empire of peace and prosperity. When the Earth Dragon Tribe went on a rampage, he interferred with them and protected the humans. After that, he formed the Shield of Seals and Falchion, and left an order for his people to protect the humans.


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The daughter of King Naga, she was put into an eternal slumber by her father to prevent her from going feral. Over the centuries, Naga's servant Bantu grew sympathy for Tiki and released her from her slumber. Soon, Gharnef put her under his control and pitted her against the Archanean League. Before Tiki could fight the league, Bantu broke the spell on her, and she joined them on their quest against Medeus. Three years later, Prince Marth recruited Tiki at Gotoh's Ice Palace when Marth was looking for a method to negate Emperor Hardin's Darksphere. When Marth had assembled the Shield of Seals he obtained the power to prevent her from going feral, and then she lived with Marth at Millennium Palace in Archanea.


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A servant of the Dragon King Naga, he vowed to protect Tiki for the rest of his life. Centuries after Tiki was put into a slumber by Naga, Bantu awoke her from it. Together the two of them lived in happiness until they were separated. At Lefcandith, Bantu joined with the Archanean League in the hopes of finding Tiki with them. At the Fane of Raman, Bantu and Tiki were reunitied, and together they fought against Medeus. Three years later, Bantu joined with Altean army as they battled against Emperor Hardin at Chiasmir.


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A servant of Naga, he has a low opinion of humans. During the War of Shadows, the Dolhr army imprisoned Xane in the prison near Altea Castle. After being freed by the Archanean League, he joined them as a way of saying thank you. Three years later, Xane helped Prince Marth travel to the Ice Palace in search of Tiki, and on the road he revealed the unpleasant history between humans and the manakete. After Naga passed away, Xane lost his dragonstore and became unable to transform.


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A wise sage considered to be the most powerful sorcerer in the land, and one of the last divine dragons in existence. The master of sorcery at Khadein, he taught many powerful sages such as Miloah and Gharnef. During the War of Shadows, he helped Marth obtain the Starlight tome necessary to defeat Gharnef, and then joined forces with Marth to defeat Medeus. In the War of Heroes, Gotoh once again helped Marth on his quest, this time helping Marth overcome the possessed Emperor Hardin. He also helped Marth recover the Shield of Seals, the last tool necessary to defeating Medeus and his tribe for once and for all. After the death of Naga, Gotoh got rid of his dragonstone, and in turn lost the ability to transform.


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A mysterious manakete who resides in a tower in an alternate dimension. During the War of Shadows, Gotoh took Marth and a select few elite soldiers in another dimension. Here Marth found a second Falchion, as well as Nagi sleeping at an alter. Convinced that Marth needed her power, Nagi accompanied Marth to the battle against Medeus. Three years later, Nagi once again appeared before Marth, this time helping him in his battles against Gharnef and Medeus.


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The king of Dolhr, he raised an army to destroy the humans that he despised. Centuries prior to the War of Shadows, Medeus was given the task of guarding the Dragon's Dale from Naga. Medeus patiently watched over the Dale, but soon grew tired of the arrogance and xenophobia of the humans. Forming a large army, Medeus conquered Archanea, and was able to severely decimate the human population. Medeus had nearly completed his dream of destroying the human civilization, but then the hero Anri had came, and defeated the Shadow Dragon. A century later, Medeus was revived and again tried to destroy the humans during the War of Shadows. Defeated by Prince Marth, Medeus was revived once more three years later, and this time he was defeated for the final time.


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A general in the Dolhr army, he was tasked with defending Dolhr Castle. When the Archanean League had defeated the Grust and Macedon armies, they turned their attention on Dolhr and promptly invaded the empire. When the army arrived at the outskirts of the castle, Xemcel met them in battle. Xemcel held a deep grudge for the way the humans abused their power, and died lamenting his failure to protect Medeus.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with occupying Altea Castle. After King Cornelius had been defeated at the Battle of Menedy River, the Dolhr army with its allies took control of the beaten Altean Castle. As the general in charge of the occupation force, Morzas took Marth's mother Lyza, and sister Elice captive. Elice was soon taken away by Gharnef, but Lyza was left in Morzas's custody. Morzas took pleasure in Queen Lyza's situation, and he had her tortured constantly under his watch until she died of her wounds. When Prince Marth and his army arrived, Morzas taunted them with the news of Lyza's death, but this only fueled their desire to defeat him.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with occupying the Millennium Palace under General Volzhin. When the Archanean League arrived in Knorda, Khozen attacked the army from the surrounding defense towers. While he wished to boil the blood of men, Khozen was soundly defeated by the League, and died begging for forgiveness from Medeus.


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A general in the Dohlr army, he was tasked with retrieving Princess Nyna from the care of General Camus. When Medeus had grown impatient with Camus protecting Nyna from harm, Bulzak was dispatched to retrieve her, and to punish Camus. After a fierce battle on the Archanean/Aurelisborder, Bulzak was able to capture Camus and his knights, but Nyna was already spirited away by Prince Hardin. Bulzak spared Camus' subordinates from punishment, but imprisoned the general, and had him tortured all the way to Dolhr Castle. His fate after the War of Shadows is unknown.


No manaketes physically appear in Valentia, however Valentia is home to Draco Zombies, the reanimated corpses of the dragon tribe.


No manakete make physical appearances in the Jugdral games, but some are mentioned in passing.


The king of all dragons, he was the arch-enemy of the evil dragon Loptous. When Lopt Empire was on the brink of destroying the Twelve Crusaders, King Naga and eleven other dragon descended on Darna. Taking the form of a maiden, Naga gave his blood to Saint Heim, and blessed him with the holy Naga tome; thus Heim had the ability to overcome the power of Emperor Galle. This Naga is likely the same Naga as from Archanea.


The dragon god of fire, he allies with Naga against Loptous. At the Darna Fortress, Salamand took the guise of an old man and gave his blood to the Mage Fighter Fala, and blessed her with the Falaflame tome.


The dragon god of wind, he allies with Naga against Loptous. A fond supporter of the humans, Holsety wanted to live with them to help them against Loptous, but Naga convinced him against that. Like Naga and Salamand, Holsety went Darna and gave his blood to the Wind User Sety, along with the powerful Holsety tome.


Leader of the Earth Dragon Tribe, Loptous hated the human race. After a long and bloody war with Naga, Loptous was defeated, and peace returned to the land. Later, the wandering Bishop Galle drank the blood of Loptous, and inherited the evil will of the ancient dragon. Taking the Loptous tome, he returned to Jugdral and created the evil Lopt Empire.



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A dragon from Ice Dragon Mountain in Ilia, she lived with humans before the time of The Scouring. When the scouring broke out, Aenir was caught up in the fighting between the humans and dragons, despite the best efforts of her husband Nergal, Aenir was killed by the men.


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The daughter of Nergal and Aenir, she lost her parents during the Scouring. During the Caelin Succession conflict, Ninian and her brother Nils returned to Elibe, but found themselves being pursued by the Black Fang. After helping Lyndis secure the throne, Ninian and her brother left Caelin to hone their musical skills. A short while later, Ninian was rescued by Eliwood's army in the sea surrounding the Dread Isle. Afterwards, she helped Eliwood in his quest against the Black Fang.


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The son of Nergal and Aenir, he lost his parents during the Scouring .During the Caelin Succession conflict, Nils and Ninian returned to Elibe, but found themselves being pursued by the Black Fang. After helping Lyndis secure the throne, Nils and Ninian left Caelin to hone their musical skills. A short while later, Nils was imprisoned with Lord Elbert of Pherae on the Dread Isle. After escaping his imprisonment, Nils returned to Valor to stop Ninian from summoning the Fire Dragons through the Dragon's Gate. After that, he helped Eliwood on his quest to defeat Nergal.


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The last of the Divine Dragons, Fa lives in the sanctuary of Arcadia. During the Black Fang incident, Fa gave Eliwood's army advice on how to find treasure hidden in the desert.Years later, Fa helped Lord Roy and his army fight against the Bern army. After Idenn was defeated, Fa helped her recover her stolen humanity.


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A shaman from Nabata, Sofyia has the blood of dragons in her veins. During the war with Bern, the Bern army attacked Arcadia and Sofyia was taken to a prison in Eturia. At the prison, she met General Cecilia and healed her wounds from battle. After being freed, she helped Roy find the powerful Forblaze tome hidden in Athos' tomb in Arcadia. After that, she continued traveling with Roy on his quest against the Bern army.


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A member of the Divine Dragon Tribe, Idenn was used as a weapon against the humans. During the Scouring, the leaders of the dragon tribes took Idenn and destroyed her soul to create a mindless, but powerful Dark Dragon. When Hartmut the Champion arrived to fight her, he took pity on her state, and sealed her rather than killing her. Nearly a millennium later, King Zephiel released the seal on Idenn, and used her to wage war on the other nations of Elibe. After the war ended, Roy spared her life, and Fa worked hard to restore her humanity.


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A powerful member of the manakete leaders, Jahn was powerful force in the Scouring. When the war was turning the humans favor, Jahn and the other dragon leaders erased Idenn's memories and turned her into a powerful Dark Dragon. After the war was lost, Jahn spent the next millennium recovering from his wounds, when he heard that Zephiel had released Idenn, he appeared before him and offered his services in exchange for the world. After Zephiel died, Roy traveled to Jahn's temple and defeated him in battle.


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A manakete from Elibe, he served under Commander Flaer in the Western Isles capital city of Djuto. When the Lycian Alliance attacked Djuto, Flaer left control of the capital to Aine. A man of few words, Aine was defeated by the alliance.



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Leader of the manakete tribe, he has a long history with Fomortiis. Eight hundred years prior to the War of the Stones, Morva led an army against the dark forces of the Demon King, working to free Magvel from the corruption of Fomortiis. Allying himself with five great heroes, they battled Fomortiis, and succeeded in imprisoning him with the Sacred Stones. Eight hundred years later, Morva battled the corrupted Prince Lyon, but his aged body was no match for the young prince, and he was transformed into a Draco Zombie.


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The adopted daughter of Morva, she travels around Magvel trying to determine the spread of evil. During the War of the Stones, Myrrh traveled to Grado with Saleh, but was captured by the Grado soldiers and separated from him. They stole her dragonstone and prepared to transport her to capital when Prince Ephraim arrived and rescued her. Myrrh explained to Ephraim the story about Fomortiis and the Sacred Stones, so together they traveled to end the spread of evil.


Like Valentia and Jugdral, no manakete appear in person. Despite this, Tellius is home to a race of beings that transform called the laguz, and some are able to transform into dragons, whereas others transform into birds and beasts.

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