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Manny Escuela is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV,  who is introduced in the mission “Escuela of the Streets”.  Manny is a previous gang member who has had a change of heart, and has given up the gang life and drug use to “help” the community, and he will do it anyway possible.  But, he does not clean the streets himself.  He, however, publicizes and takes credit for some of the actions of his hired help.  He is of Puerto Rican descent and grew up in South Bohan with Mallorie Bardas.  When he was younger, he had a heroin addiction, but has since quoted that he has changed his ways.  He has said that he owes the “streets” because of the bad things which he has done in his past.  He believes that if he can give something back to the communityn his “debt” would be settled.  Many people talk badly about Manny, saying that he is "all about becoming famous not about helping others" because of his on camera work with Jay Hamilton.  His location of work is the St. Mary's Recreational Center where he runs a youth center and also choreographs dance.

Reference in Story

Manny is introduced to Niko Bellic in the first quarter of the game by his close friend Mallorie.  After a fairly bad start, including the smashing of Jay’s camera, Niko is given a mission by
Manny Escuela Artwork
Manny Escuela Artwork
Manny to follow some dealers, and then take them all out when he reaches their base of operations.  His next mission sees Niko taking out more gang members and drug pushers, and Niko meets Francis McReary, and it appears that many is working alongside Francis to clean the neighborhood up.  After this mission, Manny gives Niko a mission to take out some of his old friends making fun of him and implying that he is homosexual due to his videos.  This involves Niko chasing down a train and taking out more gang members.  His annoying nature and in your face attitude turns out badly, when he tries to film Elizebeta taking drugs, during a period of the game where Elizebeta is very paranoid due to police pressure.  He is promptly shot in the head, along with Jay, and Niko is tasked with delivering their bodies to an organ donor in Dukes, and after a comment from the surgeon Niko states that "He'd been trying to help the streets his whole life...maybe he'll be actually doing it now.", regarding the fact that the organs could actually help people.


  • Escuela of the Streets
  • Street Sweeper
  • The Puerto Rican Connection 


  • Manny Escuela is voiced by Berto Colon

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