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    The oldest Snail alive, Mano's story runs parallel to the story of Victoria Island, or at least the story as far as snails are concerned.

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    There was a time when Snails once freely roamed Victoria Island in a large, prehistoric, shape. This was back when the land was mostly uninhabited, it had been centuries since the fall of the Sherenian empire, and no other humans had inhabited the land for ages. When refugees and explorers from Ossyria first came to the land, they knew nothing of what problems they would cause. The Altair camp was the first time man had set foot in the area for ages, and the world had forgotten them. Snails, mushrooms, pigs, and stumps were massive in size, and slimes, which are mostly a byproduct of the waste caused by modern civilization, didn't exist. However, the story goes on, and the Altair Camp spread out and established different societies, the warriors settled on Boulder Mountain and named it Perion, the Archers moved to Mushroom Hill and founded the town of Henysys, and so forth.
    As time went on, the humans claimed themselves dominant over the land, and the snails, mushrooms, stumps, and pigs found themselves shrinking as the larger species were eliminated for their danger and the smaller ones were left as they didn't pose an immediate threat. Out of all these, however, there was a slimmer of life of the days past, and that was Mano. Mano's unusual size compared to other snails rests in the fact that he is not like the other snails, his ancestry is of the snails of old, and he is the last survivor. Once Mano dies, that's it, the species of Snails that can grow as large as he is extinct.
    Mano has had to live with this fact for many years, and as a display of pure willpower, he has managed to keep himself alive for hundreds of years. In this time, he has grown quite a bit of facial hair and has developed a following among snails, which they refer to him as their "grandfather" and crowd around him both for to protect him and for the protection that he offers in return. Yet Mano is a dead snail walking, for the few humans that have seen him, have remarked about his massive size and have told often exagerated legends. One of which is quite prominent around Henysys, which states that Mano may drop a rainbow snail shell that will grant a person any wish he desires. The quest for this has inspired many maplers to hunt him for his shell, and some are even sent out by eager and greedy questors to hunt down the "monster." It is a shame that a snail of Mano's stature be treated this way, but such is life.
    Mano has been rumored to be hiding around Thicket Around The Bench III, on the outskirts of Lith Harbor. His rainbow shell may be the explanation for many maplers finding themselves turned into red snails. He is almost never seen alone, for there's always a good amount of snails around him to protect him, and what protection he needs. For as wise and large as Mano may be, he is still a very weak boss, usually considered the weakest and easiest in the game. He is at the low level of 20, making him perfect for a power hungry noob looking for a challenge or a high leveled pro that wants to laugh at how easy he is as their faces are filled with joy as they break the poor snail's shell with one hit.

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