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Starting Out

New Players first spawn in the Outer Ring. You can rank up by interacting with the world around you. In Manyland, you level up by having actual experiences. Collect blocks, create blocks, build a few structures, talk to other players and navigate the world around you.

As you increase in ranks, different block types are unlocked. At Rank 1 a character only has access to the basic types (like a solid) but at Rank 5 the more complex types are available (like costumes and mounts).

If you're having trouble, click the "Meet" button in the lower left hand corner for directions to the center of the ring.


Once you have a snap of a location you can use the image to teleport back instantly. Player's can take screenshots, or Snaps, by pressing F4. To save the image, click the button of the eye below the preview image. To view your snap gallery either press F2 or right click your character and press the Film Strip Icon. Double click the image to teleport to that location.

You can only teleport to locations you have snapped yourself. You can get directions to a location in another player's snapshot gallery, but will have to walk.

Placing Blocks

All players can place and delete blocks. To place a block, simple drag and drop the item from your inventory or directly from the world. To delete, ctrl+click a block.


New players (under Rank 3) will automatically be soft-banned if they delete too many blocks upon entering the world. This is intended to prevent undue destruction. If you feel your character has been unjustly soft-banned you can contact the devs via email and plead your case.

Inner Ring & Outer Ring

The Universe of Manyland is separated into different rings. Each ring contains infinite space in every direction. Currently, there are three Outer Rings and one Inner Ring. Players can travel between rings by taking a Portal, a special type of object that only a Dev can place and create.

New Players all start out in Outer Rings.

Area 3 (Or Outer Ring 3) is the default starting ring as of this writing. The Center of Area 3 contains a spot known as "Grassy Mountain," which has become a main hangout for players of all ranks.

The Inner Ring has a Rank requirement of 5+. As such, the Outer Ring is considered to be the new player area, and the Inner Ring is reserved for players to build more permanent, lasting structures.

Item Types

Manyland has different types of items that the player can create.

Item TypeDescription
SolidUsed for ground, walls, platforms, and obstacles. A type of block the player can walk on but cannot pass through.
BackUsed for wallpaper, scenery, designs. Similar to a thing except that it will tile. Always behind the player.
ThingThe "wild card" type. Unique in that at rank 5 it only needs 1 border to be touched. Can either be behind or in front of the player.
Changing ThingA 2 cell "Thing" that animates in an infinite loop once placed in the world.
LivingUsed for non-hostile creatures. Can be animated or static. Can have sound effects.
LiquidUsed for water-type objects. Players will float and swim in liquid. Can also drown in liquid if submerged for too long.
BouncyPlayers will spring back from an object with this property.
PushyMoves the player in the direction of the creator's choosing.
ClimbableAllows players to move vertically and horizontally. Uses a separate animation from the walking animation.
HoldableItems that can be picked up, thrown, and caught by players. Choose from a list of attributes by placing "h" in the creator screen.
CrumblyDestroyed on collision from a player or thrown holdable. Will respawn on a short timer.
HarmfulRemoves player health over time. Useful for hazards and hostile creatures.
DeadlyRemoves player health instantly, killing the player. Useful for hazards and hostile creatures.
BodyA seven cell item used for creating custom avatars.
WearableAn item that is placed over the current body. Used for hats, masks, and accessories.
MountableA 2x2 two cell item that players can mount and ride. Used for horses, vehicles, etc.

Upvotes and Downvotes

Everyone in Manyland can upvote or downvote another player's behavior and creations. Upvotes should be used to give praise, approval, appreciation and encouragement.

Downvotes should only be used when someone is breaking the rules or codes of conduct. It is not meant for disagreement.

Upvotes give positive karma, and Downvotes give negative karma. If a player receives too many downvotes they will be soft-banned. A Soft-banned player is reduced to Rank 0 and cannot speak or place objects. Additionally, their character is flagged and a Dev investigates to see if the player is eligible for a hard (or permanent) ban.


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