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    Marble Blast Ultra

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 23, 2006

    A high-definition sequel to the original Marble Blast and one of the earliest titles released for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade service. Along with new levels and challenges, it features online multiplayer for up to eight players. It was later removed from the Xbox 360 marketplace.

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    4.3 stars

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    Most underrated title on the XBLA to date. 1

    Marble Blast Ultra was basically a launch title for the 360 and one of the first XBLA titles that was poured over by the millions of users jumping on the 360 launch train, and those wondering about the system alike.Today, I hear people tell others to avoid this title and to buy Geometry Wars instead. To buy Uno instead. To buy some other game instead. Yet every time I hear this, I wonder why it's being said.Marble Blast Ultra is a little easier to imagine if I put it this way: you're a marble. Y...

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    This game deserves way more than a 6.8! 1

    Marble Blast Ultra is another simple XBLA game that is quite addictive. You pick a marble to play as, and then roll around different levels trying to get to the exit as quickly as possible, or picking up a bunch of gems to complete the level. From the very start of the game, you have every level available to you. The game has three difficulty levels to choose from. Each difficulty has a different set of levels to play. It's hard to say why this game is fun, but trust me, it is. After racking up ...

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    One of the most surprisingly fun and frantic Live experiences 0

    People come to Marble Blast Ultra because they want a good marble labyrinth game, right? It is XBLA's original answer to Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball. MBU certainly delivers a satisfying amount of well designed proto-platformer courses to swiftly navigate against the clock. Leaderboards and achievements successfully push the incentive for practice and perfection, and hours will be milked testing your patience, ability, and luck against the harder stages. However, long after the thr...

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    you are the ball 0

    garagegames inc have done it again with the ultra edition of their unadalterated hitmaker, mb. with mbu, garagegames are off the chain with a precision assault into a previously unmined section of the gaming landscape. garagegames are in the grill, showing their confidence in the application of their many and varied minstrations, and arent afraid top apply the byproducts of their man-years of experience. garagegames show off their experience in more ways than one, and it really shows in this glo...

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