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    Maria Santiago

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    Maria Santiago is the wife of COG soldier Dominic Santiago. Although she went missing sometime after E-Day, Dom has not given up searching for her.

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    Maria Santiago once lived a normal life with her husband and family, but that changed on Emergence Day, when Locust destroyed their home and murdered their two young children. Maria and Dom fled to Jacinto, but the damage was done. With her children gone and her husband spending more and more time on the frontline, Maria surrendered to her grief. She vanished, leaving no word of her plans. Dom has dedicated himself to uncovering the truth about his missing wife, which is a big plot point in Gears of War 2.

    Gears Of War 2

    As Dominic Santiago and Marcus Fenix enter Nexus, they find an information terminal. When Jack scans the machine to try to find information on the whereabouts of Maria, a symbol is shown, indicating where she is. Marus and Dom then proceed to fight their way down to her location. When they open the final chamber, Maria emerges, the effects of the locusts' torture showing on her. Dom, does what he feels is right, and puts her out of her misery with his sidearm.

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