Marigold Station

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    This metro station is located in Grayditch and is one of the faster routes to Falls Church

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    Marigold Station is one of the numerous underground metro stataions used to navigate the world in Grayditch, although its routes also lead the Vault Dweller through to Falls Church (in fact Marigold Station is the quickest route through to Falls Church).
    It is also the location of one marked quest which will land you an achievement/trophy for completing it, and two unmarked quests, one available straight away, the other upon completeion of the marked quest.
    As well as containing a small wealth of loot, the tunnels are also unfortunately filled with giant genetically mutated killer ants, who can spew out fire at quite a range.


    Marigold Station only has one resident, formerly of Grayditch - Doctor Lesko. His improvised laboratory is set up in the southernmost area of the tunnels.



    The layout of the tunnels is relatively straightforward - from the entrance a few side tunnels will lead onto the main railway lines, these will eventually lead to a turnoff in which you can proceed through to falls church - or proceed to Doctor Lesko's labs and the Quees hatchery down in the south.

    Points of interest are :-

    • A :- The location of a ticket office wherein lies the body of a wastelander named Grady, who will set you up for the first of the unmarked quests 'Gradys Package'
    • B :- Is the location of one of the key items for completing the 'Gradys Package' quest.
    • C:- Is the location of the final quest item in the 'Gradys package' quest.
    • D:- is the location of one of the Grayditch residents bodies
    • E:-  Is the location of Doctor Leskos Improvised laboratory.

    Marked Quest 'Those!!'

    Doctor Leskos lab, and the queens hatchery are intergral parts of a quest you will recieve topside in the wastelands from a scared child.
    The revelation from the child is that the fire ants that have been terrorising Grayditch and murdered the residents, are coming from marigold station.

    All of the tunnels in Marigold Station are filled with varieties of Fire ant, ranging from soldier, to worker all the way up to warrior.
    The second part of the quest is recieved from Doctor Lesko in his lab, who informs you that he had been meddling with the DNA of the giant ants and attempting to change them back to their original smaller form.
    As you can probably guess, this went horribly wrong, and instead of getting smaller, they all gained the ability to spew fire.

    After telling you this you are offered the chance to help him fix this problem, and in turn, avenge the people of grayditch's demise, and further complete the quest. Proceeding into the queens hatchery will provide the rest of the quest in Marigold.

    Unmarked quest 1 :- Gradys package.

    At point A on the map is the body of Grady and a holotape which reveals that there is a package hidden within marigold station, the contents of this package need delivering to a man in Girdershade, the tape says if his body is found, the person listening to the tape should take charge of this quest and make sure the package makes it to its destination. guess this means you.

    The item (Naughty Nightwear)  is in a safe, Located at point C - ina  room marked by  spinning lamp.
    The Key to the safe is located in a fire nozzle hose box located at Point B.

    Note that collecting the naughty nightwear will trigger a Raider named 'Lug-Nut' to accost you and demand you hand the Naughty Nightwear over to him, With a speech challenge you will be able to convinve him to back off, you can kill him, or give him the Naughty nightwear (ending the quest, but not recommneded) 

    Unmarked Quest 2 :- Collecting Nectar for fun and profit!!!

    After you have completed the marked 'THOSE' quest, Doctor Lesko will ask you to go and harvest fire ant nectar for him, giving you a set amount of bottle caps for each piece you bring him, the nectar can be harvested from the various breeds of fire ants inhabiting marigold station (you wont find the nectar anywhere else)

    Decent loot.

    Theres a variety of loot avaialable in Marigold station. At loction D you will find one of the dead Grayditch parents, who has a key to his home on the body, the hosue contains a missile launcher and ammunition
    Throughout the dungeon there are various weapons and Skill books ofr medicine and science spread between The laboratory and deep in the hatchery.

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