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    Marik Ishtar

    Character » appears in 8 games

    Marik is one of the main antagonists later in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe as he is the holder of the Millennium Rod. Marik wants to destroy Yugi Muto because he contains the spirit of the Pharaoh.

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    Marik Ishtar was born into a clan of tombkeepers whose main goal in life was to hide the secrets of the Pharaoh. Marik lived a normal childhood until the age of ten when his father had the secrets of the pharaoh etched into his back which made the young boy resent the pharaoh for the pain he felt. The pain that Marik felt made a new entity known as Dark Marik that was evil and killed his father by sending it to the shadow world. Dark Marik than told the young Marik that the Pharaoh was responsible for the death of his father which was not true. Marik felt that the pharaoh was the cause of all his problems and with the power of his Millennium Rod his only goal in life was to rid the world of the pharoh. The way in which Marik decided on defeating the pharoh was collecting the three Egyptian god cards that the creator of the Duel Monsters card game Maximilian Pegasus had hidden away due to his fear that the cards would be used for evil. The Millennium Rod gave Marik an advantage as he could use the rod to control people by testing their will and gains an army of Rare Hunters by the use of the Millennium Rod. Marik makes his first appearance in the Battle City tournament when his Rare Hunters attack the protagonists of the Yu-Gi-Oh series including Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler. The Rare Hunters are relentless in their pursuit of Yugi and the Egyptian god cards and will do anything to obtain them such as cheating to win duels. Some notable Rare Hunters that Marik controls are his adopted brother Odeon Ishtar, Arcana, Strings, and the team of Umbra and Lumis. The attempts of the Rare Hunters are futile in the process even losing the Egyptian god card known as Slifer the Sky Dragon. Marik then forms an alliance with Bakura in order to defeat Yugi and his friends and than enters the Battle City finals. Marik first fights Mai Valentine who loses to him and by defeating her sends her to the Shadow Realm. Joey Wheeler then decides to avenge Mai Valentine by defeating Marik and eventually loses. Yugi then fights Marik with the help of the Egyptian god cards Slifer the Sky Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor and defeats Marik in the duel. Yugi banishes the evil part of Marik into the shadow realm and Marik becomes a good natured person and has no hatred for the Pharaoh.


    Deck Type

     Marik has a immortality theme to his deck and carries many different types of Fiends.

    Favorite Cards

    • Winged Dragon of Ra
    • Helpoemer
    • Viser Des

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