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    Mario Golf: World Tour

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released May 02, 2014

    Mario Golf comes to 3DS and brings with it the return of the RPG-style singleplayer mode and the series debut for online multiplayer.

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    Mario Golf: World Tour brings the classic Camelot-developed Mario Sports game to the 3DS for the first time. World Tour is the fifth game in the series with online play making its series debut. World Tour was originally supposed to release in the summer of 2013, but has since been delayed until May 2nd, 2014.


    Castle Club

    Toad knows what's best.
    Toad knows what's best.

    In this mode, players go through various tournaments with their Mii character similar to the story mode in previous Mario Golf games. Players can earn coins to spend on new gear that will affect their Mii's stats reminiscent of the Mii customization in Mario Tennis Open.

    Quick Round

    In Quick Round, players can pick any available character to their liking or use their customized Mii to play in various modes such as Single Play, Match Play, Speed Golf, and Point Play. Coins can be earned in this mode

    Ring Master

    Players try to collect all the rings in a course.

    Star Coin Collector

    Players collect Star Coins.

    Point Challenge

    The player will play with a limited set of clubs.


    Vs. (Local)

    In this competitive mode, up to four players face-off against each other locally. Of note here is that this mode is played simultaneously in real-time. There is no waiting. All players go through the courses at their own speed while seeing ghost shots off their competitors and on-screen indicators comparing their shot distances against the other players. Players can also send taunts to each other.


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    Mario Golf: World Tour is the first Mario Golf title with a robust online integration. A variety of options are available to players ranging from regional to global tournaments or leaderboard challenges. Players can rack up coins by winning games but they'll also be rewarded with new gear simply for entering events.

    The community feature from Mario Kart 7 returns for this game, letting players create unique communities and customize their desired rule sets for their own tournaments. These can either be private or open to anyone.

    Mario Open

    Pick a character from the roster and play through a regional 18-hole event.

    Regional Tournaments

    These events offer various challenges for different handicaps. Players use their Mii characters.

    Worldwide Tournaments

    A global challenge. Players use their Mii character.

    Callaway Tournaments

    In the Castle Club, players can enter special Callaway Tournaments that potentially yield prizes in the form of Callaway-themed items for their Mii characters. This ties into real-world sponsorship by Callaway Golf who partnered with Nintendo for these special tournaments.

    NameDateParticipation prizes
    Callaway Tournament 1May 22, 2014 to June 11, 2014Legacy Black Clubs and Legacy Black Ball
    Callaway Tournament 2June 12, 2014 to July 2, 2014Callaway Combo 1
    Callaway Tournament 3July 3, 2014 to July 23, 2014X Hot Clubs and ERC Crystal Yellow Ball
    Callaway Tournament 4July 24, 2014 to August 13, 2014Callaway Combo 2
    Callaway Tournament 5August 14, 2014 to September 3, 2014Filly Clubs and ERC Pearl Pink Ball

    Character Roster

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    • Forest Course
    • Seaside Course
    • Mountain Course
    • Cheep Cheep Lagoon
    • Wiggler Park
    • Yoshi Lake (notably themed after the yet-to-be released game Yarn Yoshi)
    • Peach Gardens
    • DK Jungle
    • Bowser's Castle
    • Sky Island Course

    Add-On Content

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    The previously mentioned delay of the title is speculated to have been more of a strategic nature instead of one necessitated by development needs. This explains itself in the fact that Mario Golf: World Tour offers a substantial amount of additional download content that almost doubles the size of the game. Camelot supposedly used the extra time to create these additional courses and characters for the game. The three add-on packs offer an additional 108 holes across six new courses on top of the ten courses with 126 holes present in the base game.

    Season Pass & Gold Mario

    Mario Golf: World Tour is the first Nintendo game to offer a "season pass" for its three add-on content packs. Those who purchase the season pass (or Three Pack, in Europe) will receive the three add-ons at a reduced price while also getting an additional playable character in the form of Gold Mario who has a special Golden Flower shot that gains the player one coin for every yard it travels. Gold Mario will also unlock for players who have purchased all packs separately once they've all become available while Season Pass buyers will be able to use him right away.

    Mushroom Pack

    New character:


    New courses:

    Toad Highlands (18 holes) - Toad Highlands from Mario Golf (N64)

    Koopa Park (18 holes) - Koopa Park from Mario Golf (N64)

    Flower Pack

    New character:


    New courses:

    Layer-Cake Desert (18 holes) - redesigned version of Shy Guy Desert from Mario Golf (N64) themed after NSMBU

    Sparkling Waters (18 holes) - redesigned version of Yoshi's Island from Mario Golf (N64) themed after NSMBU

    Star Pack

    New character:


    New courses:

    Mario's Star (18 holes) - Mario's Star from Mario Golf (N64) now with a Super Mario Galaxy theme

    Rock-Candy Mines (18 holes) - redesigned version of Boo Valley from Mario Golf (N64) themed after NSMBU

    Free-Trial Course Pack

    Players interested in the DLC packs can even try before they buy. A special Trial Tournament that samples courses from the add-on packs is available to anyone free of charge so they can get an idea whether or not the extra content is worth purchasing.


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