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    Mario Golf

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 11, 1999

    Mario and his group of friends hit up the links again in the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Golf with new characters, courses, and game modes.

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    Enjoy a good round of golf with a cast of Mario characters. The game is control-friendly for those who are starting out in playing golf games, yet it is also for the most experienced gamers as well. Gamers can unlock courses, characters, and earn more as they get more experienced and advance in the game.



    Plum in the middle of making a shot.
    Plum in the middle of making a shot.

    Mario Golf utilizes a three-button scheme to perform a golf swing on course. The first button initiates the swing by displaying a running bar across the gauge bar at the bottom of the screen. The second button determines the power of the shot. The father left the button is pressed on the gauge, the farther the shot will go. The last button determines the accuracy of the shot. The closer the button is pressed toward the middle of the impact zone, the more accurate the shot will go to where the player wants to land the ball to.


    For putts, a two-button scheme is used. The first button initiates the putt by displaying bar across the gauge bar. The second button stops the bar and determines the power of the putt.

    Game Modes

    Single Player

    Tournament: The player competes in a tournament against many opponents to post the best score in an eighteen-hole round on a course. Players earn trophies, birdie badges, and experience points to unlock additional golf courses.

    Get Character: The player competes one-on-one against a computer controlled character in an eighteen-hole match rules round. If the player defeats the character, the character is unlocked and available to play in the game.

    Ring Shot: This mode challenges the player in their golf skills and intuition by having the player first go through a number of required rings and must score a par or better on a hole to score a successful ring shot.

    Speed Golf: The player races against the clock to finish eighteen holes as quickly as possible.

    Stroke: A nine or eighteen hole round of golf.

    Mini-Golf: A nine or eighteen hole round of golf played on a special mini-putt course where only putters are used.

    Training: This mode gives the player the opportunity to practice a particular shot on any hole in any golf course while choosing the desired weather characteristics (wind, rain) to their liking.

    Two-to-Four Players

    Four players playing mini-golf.
    Four players playing mini-golf.

    Stroke: Players compete to score the lowest score in a round of golf. Additional modifiers such as closest to the hole, longest drive, and handicaps can be used to challenge or assist players.

    Match (Two Players Only): Two players compete one-on-one to win as many holes in a round of golf.

    Skins Match: Players compete each other to win the most Star Coins in a round of golf. To win the Star Coin, one player alone has to post the lowest score on a hole. If another player ties the lowest score on a hole, the Star Coin on that hole carries over to the next hole.

    Club Slots: In this mode, players are limited to the clubs they selected from the golf club slot machine. Woods/Drivers are chosen from the left slot, high irons from the middle slot, and low irons/wedges from the right slot. If a player successfully gets three stars in the slot machine, the player is able to use all clubs for the upcoming hole.

    Mini-Golf: Players compete in a round mini-golf for the lowest score.


    Mario Golf has fourteen golfers to choose from. Plum, Charlie, Peach and Baby Mario are available to play at the start. Other characters can be unlocked by defeating them in Get Character mode, or by accomplishing specific tasks in other single player modes.

    Golf Courses

    Mario Golf has six 18-hole golf courses and two 18-hole mini-golf course to play on. Toad Highlands and the two mini-golf courses are available to play at the start, while the other five golf courses must be unlocked by accumulating enough experience points.

    Golf Courses

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    • Toad Highlands
    • Koopa Park
    • Shy Guy's Desert
    • Yoshi's Island
    • Boo Valley
    • Mario's Star

    Mini-Golf Courses (Putting Only)

    • Luigi's Garden
    • Peach's Castle

    Other Information

    Nintendo 64/Game Boy Color Compatibility with the Transfer Pak

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    Main characters from the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf can be carried and transferred over to use in the Nintendo 64 version by use of the Transfer Pak. The transfer pack carried the current stats of the GBC's characters at the time when transferred over to the N64.

    Differences between Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 version

    The N64 version has six 18-hole golf courses along with two mini-golf courses and a number of game modes. The GBC version has four 18-hole golf courses with more focus on the single-player role-playing, open world mode for players to improve their character's skills.

    A maximum of four players can be played in local multiplayer in the N64 version, while only up to two can be played in the GBC version.

    Differences between the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Console (Wii Shop Channel) version

    The Virtual Console (Wii Shop Channel) version of Mario Golf does not support the transfer pack compatibility.


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