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Sorry fanboys 0

My apologise as I can tell this review may probably piss people off. It's not that I am not a Mario Kart fan, in fact I am a huge one, but Mario Kart 64 just doesn't deliver what it should. I absolutely loved the original for the SNES but my love for this classic Nintendo spinoff series doesn't stop there. The gameboy, gamecube, DS, and Wii versions of Mariokart were all great and adictively fun to play. In Mario Kart 64 it sure was nice to see the series being displayed in full 3D glory but wit...

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Mario Kart 64 (Virtual Console) Review 2

Growing up playing with this game ever since I was a kid...I never got bored of it...the game always had a special place in my heart...unfortunately I lost my Mario Kart 64 copy for the N64 and I also was stuck on the next gen gaming....but now with technologies like virtual console, xbla, psn, etc. I can play these classics again and this here is a classic Ive havent played in ages. Mostly everything just feels like it did when I was 6 or 7...the graphics, sound, voices, etc. all felt the same...

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Racing in bland blurry tracks is quite a bit of fun 0

Mario Kart 64 took the all fun kart racing genre from 2D up to 3D, and in a sense not really all too 3D. It was the first of the genre to really move up in terms of graphics away from the flat style of Super Mario Kart. Released in 1997, and even packed in with a controller, it was one of the first great 4 player games, and was a lot of fun if you had 3 other friends to play with.  Mario Kart 64 has pretty much the same modes and features that Super Mario Kart had, such as Grand Prix in 50cc, 10...

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Addicting Kart Racing Game 0

Gameplay This game is good it has allot of tracks and allot of things to do i like single-player because you can play in allot of races. When i play this game it never gets boring. And also multi-player is pretty fun you can spend hours and hours playing this game. What i dont like about this game is that mario kart doesn't deliver allot of tracks and character like diddy kong racing. The game is good but there's not more action then diddy kong racing. Because when you play this game you choose ...

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Not as good as you remember 0

Originally written January 31st, 2007  After adding 2000 Wii Points to my account I was dead set on 2 games. Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. The former was the much anticipated sequel to the original Super Mario Kart and at the time was one of the N64's greatest gems. However when stacked up to it's successors Mario Kart 64 pales in comparison. The game features the basics of all Mario Kart titles. The 8 major characters battle it out in 4 diff...

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Mario Kart it was fun, and it's still fun! 0

I really do like mario kart. From back in the day, when I cried because my older brother's friend continually kicked my ass all over the rainbow road, to more recent times when me and my idiot friends play "drunk driving".  Mario Kart 64 is classic, and when I think Nintendo, I think Mario Kart. Mario Kart features simple controls and tireless gameplay (at least if you have a couple friends around). You can only play the story and do the sperate cups for so long, but when that bores you, grab a ...

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Despite all of its faults you'll love it no less 0

Super Mario Kart relesed for the N64's father the Super Nintendo was a smash hit since its day of release, and still holds a cult following to this day. It gave people a fantasic multiplayer experaince and immense fun, and it had pretty much limitless replay value and was in EVERYBODY'S Snes collection. Well eventully it would need a sequal to carry on the legacy, so they give us Mario Kart 64. So can Mario Kart 64 make it to the finish line, or does it crash off course?Mario and co need no rea...

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This game doesn't get old. 0

I've been playing this game for the last 2 months practically religiously and i'm yet to be bored of it. I can't believe I forgot about this and other Nintendo 64 games. Regardless,  I am still finding new things to do and try out and it has been my saving grace. It's way more in depth than I ever remembered and I'm drawing people away from their 360s and PS3s to come into my room and play it. I think that's all that needs to be said about this wonderful game....

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By today's standards, not the best Mario Kart but close 0


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Must have for all N64 owners 0

Mario kart 64 is a remake of the classic Super Mario kart for the SNES. This game plays up to 4 players. There are 8 characters to choose from. Mario, Luigi, Princess, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey, Wario, and Brower. There are 16 tracks spit in to 4 cups. The graphs are great. I like the different colors that are is the grass. In the rainbow track there are great looking neon stars and mushrooms. The sound is also great, the kart sound like real karts. Mario speaks though the menu tells you what’s going ...

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