how do you unlock?

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new characters? I've seen Princess Rosaline and Metal Mario online, but have no idea how you unlock such a thing. Does anyone know?

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Alot of them you have to beat each cup on 150cc, first place

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@Sayishere: I don't think you need to be 1st. I played through the whole game on local multiplayer and I unlocked the characters even when coming in second.

I assume you just need to be in a qualifying position (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

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You don't need to get 3 stars or get first in every race but overall you have to get first place and get the gold trophy on a cup in 150cc mode. Plus there is a reward for getting all of them. And you get another character for simply seeing the credits by getting a trophy in every cup in a single league (so can be unlocked on 50cc)

The reward for seeing the credits is your own Mii, and the reward for getting gold on every 150cc cup is a new mirror 150cc cup.
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This should answer your question.

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