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Crazy Mario Karts gameplay? Check! Online? Check! 0

Mario Kart isn't your average racing game. The graphics aren't meant to be realistic, nor is the gameplay. Have you ever seen a banana skin dropped from the back of your car or a blue shell fired to hit the person in the lead on Need for Speed? Didn't think so. Mario Kart DS is the fifth game in the series and is the first to use online abilities, which it uses perfectly and makes what was already a great game, a superb game.There are several modes in Mario Kart DS, the main being the Grand Prix...

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Best. Mario. Kart. Ever. 0

Thirteen years ago a little game called Super Mario Kart was released for the Super NES and a new addiction was born.  Personally I can remember spending countless hours trading controllers back and forth with friends trying to beat each others time trials, not to mention all the time spent in battle mode and actually racing.  Over the years Mario Kart has evolved by tweaking certain features while simultaneously keeping that same original charm we all fell in love with over a decade ago.  ...

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Mario Kart DS is one of the best racing games on a handheld. 0

Mario Kart is a great game in every way and is an improvement from the past Mario Karts. Mario Kart is easy to learn and is created for many types of gamers.The Wifi support is just what the DS needs! Racing with people within your own region and even worldwide packs in the most difficult races you will ever experience! Mario Kart is loaded with newer and older tracks and the character selection is just right! Everything is pieced together well to make this game highly addictive. I give Mario Ka...

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Mario Kart DS 0

Mario Kart DS is the 2nd latest installment of Marios Racing franchise, in it you can take control of a wide range of characters from Dry Bones to Bowser, almost every symbolic Mario character is here, as well as a wide range of characters there is an enormouse amount of Karts too, altogether there is a total of 36 Karts for each character!Mario Kart DS takes what was origianly a SNES game and plonks it on the handheld, did it work? Well, lets just say it's sitting exremely comfortably in the dr...

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Great fun. 0

Is it that time again? Yes, Nintendo have released yet another instalment to their highly successful Mario Kart franchise. This comes in the form of Mario Kart DS exclusive of course for the Nintendo DS portable gaming system. Of course, it comes to nobody’s surprise that it was going to happen, I mean releasing this game can practically call out to all kinds of audiences young and old, gamer and non gamer alike because let’s be honest: There aren’t an awful lot of you guys out there who will re...

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Glaring flaws in game play holds it back. 0

Originally written 4-4-12When it comes down to the constant releases of one sequel after the other to a successful franchise, the only way one should go is up, in theory at least. As some of us know this isn't always the case, since some sequels fail to live up to the standard set by their predecessor. Mario Kart, which was originally released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo is one of those rare exceptions. The series has enjoyed a great deal of success, and with every sequel there has been some ...

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It's your standard racing game, with the Mario Twist. 0

Nintendo DS Review: Mario Kart DS Besides for Mario's main platforming adventures, the most recent being Super Mario Galaxy, Mario's best sports-take would be his very own racing titles: the Mario Kart franchise. The latest Mario Kart title (not including Mario Kart Wii) is Mario Kart DS, and you guessed it; it's on the Nintendo DS platform. Nintendo does a fine job of bringing their best racing franchise onto another handheld, but how does it compare?When you start the game you will be greete...

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must buy on ds 0

hey you guys do you have a ds well then buy mario kart ds if you dont have it trust me if you own a ds and you dont have mario kart ds then you suck because everyone says it is the best ds game if you dont belive me then go to youtube search bobbyscandotdrybut and watch his ds unboxing video because he quotes: "i heard people saying if you have a ds then you should get mario kart ds cause it just rocks....

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DS's best racer 0

Imagine getting items and throwing them at people. Imagine that you can get an item that: turns you into a bullet and makes you invincible, hit players so hard that they hurt themselves. Imagine that you have a 3-D game with graphics to match the GCN. Imagine if you can take this perfect game with you, anywhere. Imagine that you can play people around the world... Mario Kart DS is an adaptation from Super Circuit. With nearly all of the old items and some new ones. You also have a variety of pl...

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Mario Kart DS Review 0

Mario Kart is the best Mario Kart yet. The gameplay is great, the multiplayer is great, and it is has a lot to keep you playing for a long time.Every gameplay aspect is fine tuned in Mario Kart DS. Powersliding is used by pressing the R trigger and is used to get around tight corners, (and snaking.) The L trigger is used for throwing items. All of the items are from previous games and there are some new ones like the Bullet Bill. Throwing items works very well. A is used to accelerate and B is u...

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Mario Kart is back on track. 0

 It's quite a relief to know that Mario Kart got a proper release after the atrocious Double Dash. Everything in Mario Kart DS follows the formula of success introduced in the SNES days. Even though Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 still stand as the best releases on the series, and that hardly is ever going to change since the formula has been overused and a revolution is unlikely, this might be the best Mario Kart game aside those two. It's good to know that the two-characters per kart gimmi...

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Extreme Go Karts 0

Mario Kart DS Mario Kart DS is one of the greatest DS games ever made. With new modes and old favourites, this is a must buy for fans of Mario Kart. Gameplay: Many modes return such as Grand Prix and the Balloon Battle. The Grand Prix is about the same as the first 4. You have 4 cups with 4 tracks each. The higher you place on a track the more points you get. Whoever has the most points after the 4th track wins. The Balloon Battle is almost the same as the other ones where you shoot each other t...

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Mario Kart DS improves upon previous entries in the series in eve 0

Remember the good ol’ SNES days, when Super Mario Kart was released? For those who remember these times, wasn’t the game addictively fun? Well, nearly fifteen years later, the same can be said for the latest iteration of the Mario Kart series on the Nintendo DS. From the gameplay aspect, it all feels very polished in Mario Kart DS. If you’re familiar with the series or even a complete newbie, there’s nothing to be skeptical about. Mario Kart games have always offered an easygoing pick up and pl...

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Best in the series 0

About this game...    I had never really appreciated the sheer amount of fun one could have using the Nintendo DS until I came across this game one day surfing IGN. I had always been a staunch PSP fanboy before this game... after I saw a few trailers, deciding that I wanted MKDS, I went to the store and ended up shelling out $150 for the Red Hot DS bundle. I instantly realized the error of my ways. I became a DS fanboy of sorts right then and there, and to this day I play my DS obsessively. If ...

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A welcome addition to the ever-popular kart franchise. 0

Anyone who has ever played a Nintendo system and i think it's safe to say that is almost anyone who has ever picked up a joypad has played a Mario Kart game. A racing game that includes all of your favourite Nintendo characters from past and present, armed with some whacky weapons and some zany courses, Mario Kart has always had a unique feel that keeps fans-alike coming back for more. This is the 5th installment in the popular series and has gone back to it's roots in the sense that the two-man...

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Kart racing at its best! 0

Mario Kart has always been the king of the kart racing genre. Its always featured the creativity, speed, and overall addictive gameplay that sets it apart from all the other kart games that clearly rip it off. And the Nintendo ds addition to Mario Kart is nothing short of awesome! You get plenty of tracks new and old to play on. All your favorite characters (including one surprise), and to top it off - online multiplayer! Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Mario Kart's finest installment. For a N...

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