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Mario Kart Super Circuit is brilliant in all ways 0

A launch title for the GBA, Mario Kart draws from that of Super Mario Kart, looking and playing fairly similar, but actually kind of better. The control is a lot more tight with this version, and the levels are just as good, and is a ton better than Mario Kart 64.  The game looks a lot like Super Mario Kart, but more sharp, with better detailed sprites, and less blocky. The same game modes make a return, such as grand prix, and battle mode giving you the same awesome Mario Kart experience you ar...

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Does A Lot With A Little 0

Ever since the Nintendo 64, Nintendo has shown a desire to have a Mario Kart game on every system, even if it means outsourcing the work to a third party company. Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Gameboy Advance was developed by Intelligent Systems Co, who you may know best from Paper Mario, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars. The problem with outsourcing a franchise like Mario Kart is that each new game in the series relies somewhat on continuing trends of the franchise. Super Circuit does none of t...

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Good for its time. 0

Originally written 2-5-09It's really not hard to believe that the Mario Kart series has lasted as long as it did. When I first played the original Super Mario Kart for the SNES back in 1992, I knew the game was going to be a smash for two reasons; 1) It had Super Mario in it, that's almost a guarantee for success, and 2) the game was fun as all hell. Mario Kart in some form has made it to almost every single Nintendo system to date, with the Game Boy Advance (GBA) being the third one in the lin...

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Mario Kart On the Game boy is a success! 0

Game play : When this game came out of the game-boy I thought it wouldn't work as well because of the graphical issues or how the game play would work. I started playing it and I noticed that It was very fun and addicting to play. There are 3 modes 50 cc, 100 cc, and 150 cc these three game modes are fun, I beat all races in 50 cc and 100 cc on gold, and 150 cc was too hard of a difficulty. The races are action packed and it has the same feeling as playing all Mario kart games. I've noticed that...

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