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Get to Know Bowser Inside and Out with a Solid RPG for the DS 1

One of the strongest elements of the Mario & Luigi series is how it combines a ridiculous plot and a self-awareness that generates a lot of humor as the adventure unfolds. Bowser's Inside Story is really no different as its claim to fame is the dual nature between playing the Mario Bros. and big ol' Bowser. This time they take a page from Innerspace and kick off a journey to the center of the Koopa King. Basically, it says what it does on the tin. You'll be switching between the Bros. and Bo...

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Bowser deepthroats Mario 0

  Bowser is heartless indeed. Seriously, I’ve been exploring his insides and he doesn’t seem to have a heart. There are an assortment of nodes, cavities and assorted “regions” but during my entire time spelunking King Koopa, I’ve been unable to find a heart. Or much of a brain either, though Nintendo may have intended that to be the joke. There aren’t any kidneys or bladder, though, so I wonder how Boswer disposes of his biological waste. I mean, the guys eats, probably large quantities, too, so...

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Bowser... the underdog? 0

AlphaDream is an extremely talented group of former Squaresoft employees led by the directors of the original Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Super Nintendo). The Mario RPG games are known for mixing the jumping of Mario with traditional RPG elements.  It’s a surprisingly good mash-up, and there have been several games made to take advantage of the formula.  Each game in the Mario & Luigi series has added a new twist, and in Bowser’s Inside Story it’s the addition of Bowser...

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The Mario and Luigi franchise is one of Nintendo's unsung heroes. It may not find itself in the spotlight as much as the company's other juggernauts, but after playing through the third iteration of the franchise in Bowser's Inside Story, I've come to one irrefutable conclusion- the Mario and Luigi franchise is one of Nintendo's most consistently entertaining ones. And Bowser's Inside Story just may be the best installment yet.Most of what Bowser's Inside Story does well are things that have bee...

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A Fun action RPG 0

As the third installment in the Mario and Luigi RPG series this is the best of them. The story is a ridiculously funny adventure. Mario and Luigi must save the mushroom kingdom from a disease called the blorbs, but instead get sucked inside Bowser and must escape. The dialogue is constantly funny, with the best lines belonging to Bowser. You can beat it in about 25 hours and still have some side quest left over.  You play half the game as Mario and Luigi and the other half as Bowser. Playing Ma...

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Bowser time! 0

I came into this game never playing a Mario RPG, but after this trip into Bowser, i'm looking to pick up every one. Its battle style is fantastic, its look is great, the level system rank is cool, and the areas you visit are large and varied, even inside Bowser. I love the fact that Bowser gets a large portion of the game just to himself. The boss fights (espically the giant ones) are fun and creative. This game is a good 20+ without sidequests, and it has a good replayability value. Its a fanta...

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One of the Best DS games 0

When I first purchased Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, I fell in love. I found the story to be a perfect satire of the Mario universe, the gameplay to be fun and engaging (but also quite challenging) and the graphics to be a breath of fresh air for the system. The series has continued to evolve while remaining true to these three points. The second game came out in the series for the ds in 2005 and added two new playable characters effectively using up all of the buttons on ds. In regards to th...

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A great rpg for newcomers, and the hardcore. 0

Im not going to spend a ton of time talking about the other titles in the series, I may touch on it, but Im a little lazy and am just going to assume if you care you will look them up.     Mario and Luigi : Bowser's Inside Story utilizes an original take on the traditional turn based rpg combat, keeping you more involved with the game, making you utilize timing specific actions to not only damage your foes directly, but counter their attacks to keep your ass out of trouble. You have a special s...

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demontium Quick Review: Mario and Luigi RPG 3 0

Pros: - Amazing and simplistic visual/art style - Refreshing to play mainly as Bowser - Witty and interestingly written - The "Winning formula" for Mario RPGs shines through this game with a good balance of old and new  Cons: - Too short - Too easy - RPG elements are on the light side, while it could have been improved from the last one  Final Verdict: A definite Must-Have for DS owners. It opens RPGs for both fanatics and first-timers....

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Finally, An RPG That Is Truly For Everyone (Mario & Luigi: Bowser 0

  Let's Begin With A History Lesson People who played video games during the 16-bit era may remember a title that resulted from an all-star collaboration between two powerhouse developers: Square and Nintendo. This title, known as Mario RPG, was loved by many due to the action and humor it brought to the RPG genre. Battles were no longer simple turn-based affairs where you sifted through endless menus. Instead, you played an active role in the battles. Timed attacks were an essential ingredient ...

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Bowser's Inside Hoary 0

Bowser's Inside Story might follow the same formula as previous installments in the series, but a combination of several problems with the game combine to make it one of the slowest and least addictive RPGs I have played on the DS.   Firstly, the RPG is incredibly linear.  Exploration isn't required to progress, and gone are most of the clever field based puzzles from previous intallments.  Not helped by the fact that the map is hidden for the majority of the time you are playing - instead you g...

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Great in short sessions 0

Bowser's inside story is a 2009 Christmas gift that I've been slowly completing over the trips I've taken in the last two years. At least the first 80% of it is. The final portion of the game was completed in a more traditional manner, as a marathon session to reach the end.  The two states in which I played the game served to highlight its strengths and weaknesses and ultimately shaped my final perception of the game.  First impressions of the game are amazing. The art style is fitting for a Ma...

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Partners in Time - Crying Baby Mario and Luigi = A Good Decision 0

If you liked the previous games in the Mario & Luigi franchise, there is no reason you shouldn't enjoy this game as well.  My least favorite part of the last game was the addition of Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, two of the most annoying characters of all time.  In addition to the crying noises, I felt that their addition made for confusing gameplay when pairing them with adult Mario and Luigi.  This game takes that away and lets you play as Bowser on the other screen instead.  While I enjoy th...

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Quite possibly the very best the DS has to offer. 0

 There are many things to say about Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It seems as though every one of the game's elements is incredibly well done, enjoyable, hilarious, and creative. In fact, I will pose no questions concerning the game's quality in this review because that would just feel wrong. Seriously, Bowser's Inside Story is pretty much the best DS game available to date, and is worth owning for just about anyone because just about anyone can find something (or many somethings) to...

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A little Bowser makes everything better 0

Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story is the second DS Mario RPG game.   It improves on every aspect of the previous game giving an engaging story, fun gameplay, unique graphics and good sound. The story is based on Fawful trying to take over the world making Bowser intake all the people in the Mushroom Kingdom.   This leads to Mario and Luigi battling inside Bowser which inevitably forces them to team up with Bowser to save Mushroom Kingdom.   The story is the best in the series and is very...

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A tale of Shrooms and Facial Hair 0

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, like its RPG predecessors, takes the fever dream that is the Mario Universe, with its playfully absurd landscapes and characters, and gives it a pulse; an evolution of sorts. Its story and pacing isn’t the greatest, but it’s the elaboration on the ideas put forth that make this game great. Bowser’s Inside Story sees the return of Fawful, the parodically stiff villain, and he’s more meticulously insane than ever. His latest maniacal bout for power is the s...

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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Review 0

By - Richard J.Wait, Bowser's Inside Story? Yes, that's right, a Mario game that actually features Bowser as the main character. You will still play as Mario and Luigi during parts, but instead of stealing Princess Toadstool, Bowser will be stealing the show. It seems like a bold move for Alpha Dream to create a game based around everyone's favourite enemy being the hero, but they do it well and create one of, if not the best RPG on the Nintendo DS.STORYThe Mario & Luigi games, like any good...

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Mini Review: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 0

Now I see why everyone considers this game to be the best Mario & Luigi game. Having Bowser as a party member added a ton of moments you wouldn't see otherwise which gave this game a unique take on the M&L series. The best thing this game does compared to the other ones is that is has so much variety in how each fight plays out. The timing based attacks like Paper Mario are mixed in with the fact you battle enemies both in and out of Bowser gives each battle a unique spin. Along with the...

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An RPG but funner! 0

This game came bundled with my new DSi. I'd heard good things about it, and had read that it was like Paper Mario. I'd played a bit of Paper Mario, so I figured I knew what to expect: Too much dialog, super slow pace, mediocre battle system, and boring story. How wrong I was! The story is the standard, save the world fare, but the writing keeps it fresh, fun and endearing and gives the characters their own unique personalities. The pacing is a perfect balance of story, battle and exploration.  A...

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