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Mini Review: Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Now I see why everyone considers this game to be the best Mario & Luigi game. Having Bowser as a party member added a ton of moments you wouldn't see otherwise which gave this game a unique take on the M&L series. The best thing this game does compared to the other ones is that is has so much variety in how each fight plays out. The timing based attacks like Paper Mario are mixed in with the fact you battle enemies both in and out of Bowser gives each battle a unique spin. Along with the fact that a set of mini games that are played between dungeon runs keep the game fresh throughout the 20 hour adventure. The humor is also kept intact from the other games with plenty of funny moments throughout the adventure. (Why must you be picked on so much Luigi?) This game also uses every feature the DS has between blowing on the mic to shoot out fire or the many mini games that use the touch screen.

The biggest flaw is that this game will give you a tutorial on everything. Which will go on for the first hour but on the plus side you can skip most of the dialogue explaining each move. Also the boss battle with the train was kinda annoying since it seemed like it required perfection to compete it. Otherwise it was a fun game that is worth seeing if you even slightly like RPG's like this one.

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