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No doubt the BEST mario game ever

The good: it's got mario AND luigi - great music - very good graphics for GBA - great gameplay - good story.

The bad: frustrating gameplay sometimes - some bosses seem impossible.

Mario and luigi are on yet another adventure.
When princess peach's voice is taken mario and luigi are called to help..
Of course your probably thinking that its bowser that has done this, but you are wrong.
Instead its someone known as cackletta.
And bowser (who is probably mad that someone besides him kidnapped here) offers mario and luigi his help to find her voice.

So you set off on bowsers ship in search of cackletta. And pretty earlier on you are confronted by cackletta's "sidekick" where he battles you and pretty much works like training.
And at the end of that battle the sidekick (known as fawful for obvious reasons)
blows up bowsers ship causing it to crash near the beanbean kingdom.
You land in the stardust fields outside of beanbean kingdom where you find bowser stuck in a cannon and a enemy near by and of course that enemy wants money for the return of bowser (i guess bowser got "kidnapped this time). After you get the money and give it to him, like any good bad guy should he stiffs you and shoots bowser out of the cannon somewhere else.
And then its your first boss battle with the enemy. After you beat him you will have to beat a puzzle in order to cross into beanbean kingdom.
So after that there are many twist in the plot that makes for one heck of a story. I dont want to ruin anything for anybody but lets just say that the end boss is a pain in the butt to kill and is very rewarding after you defeat it.

The main plot is finding princess peach's voice but there are actually some missions that are sorta like side quests that were someone you might meet in the game might need help with something or for instance.
Later on in the game cackletta steals the beanstar from the castle and after you find all pieces you can go back to one area where you had to fight a lobster like guy with a christmas tree on his back. And since he had the star on top of the tree he wants something else to on top.
And if you do find something he will give you something in return.
*end spoilers*

There are many puzzles you will have to figure out in order get past some areas necessary to progress in the game.
There are around 10 main areas where you will have to go and try to spoil cacklettas plan is.
Even though her plan is never really revealed to get the main part of the stort which helps drag you along with it.

The battles are simple yet complex at the same time.
SImple as in easy to do moves but, with timing involved.
Complex as in strategy, like what enemy to take out first sicne there are normally 2 or more enemies in one battle.
And taking out the wrong enemy first can result in your death.
But thankfully you can defend by either jumping or using your hammer.
Speaking of hammers, you get them pretty early on in the game.
And you will also get some others moves as well as bros moves.
Which are special moves you can get at vertain parts in the game. While these moves are more powerful than a standard move they cost bros points.
Bros points are points yo spend by using the bros moves but they can be refilled by using a syrup.
Your health will of course also go down as you take damage from enemies.
But that can also be refilled by of course using mushrooms.
You can buy numerous items at shops found all around the game world.
You can also buy clothing and badges that will enhance your power, health, defense, speed, and other stuff.
Like any other RPG you can rank up by getting exp points after each battle. The number of EXP points you get depends on the difficutly of the enemy and your performance (like how long it took to beat them).

Some enemies have poison attacks and they can be cured with a refreshing herb.
Other enemies may have a weakness that you can exploit by finding out that weakness. But while some enemies may have a weakness to some moves others are inmune to them and that move can give them health.
This game will imediatly remind you of the paper mario series for those of you have played the series. Except in my opinion this game is better than those.

The game could take anywhere from 15 hours to 30 hours depending if you focus on the story instead of just roaming around trying to find secrets that are in each area.
Now it took me around 25 hours to beat the game but that is mainly because i was trying to find every little nook and cranny possible as well as trying to level up.
Speaking of leveling up after you get a certain amount of exp point you gain a level and you can use that level up on either power, health, bros points,speed, defense or stache (luck).

The sound is the best i have have ever heard in a game. Which is surprising since this is a GBA game. The SFX are just awesome the music is catchy and addicting at the same time. The voice acting.. well there isn't any...
The sound will just blow you away.

The graphics are absolutly the best for a GBA game. Most GBA games have grainy graphics but this games graphics are perfect for a GBA game.

This game does seem really hard at first but if you can figure out each enemies weakness you wil find it a lot easier. And it is true the bosses are a pain in the butt sometimes. But, do not let that stop you from getting this game. And this game (in my opinion) is the best game for GBA.

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