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    Mario Party 3

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Dec 07, 2000

    Mario Party 3 is another entry in Nintendo's popular party-game series and was one of the last games released for the Nintendo 64. The game had 70 new mini-games, 2 new characters, and a mode that made its first and last appearance.

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    The game's title screen with the Mario Party crew.
    The game's title screen with the Mario Party crew.

    Mario Party 3 was the final game in the popular series to be released on the Nintendo 64.It was the first in the series to feature duel maps, multiple save slots, and allowing characters to carry three items instead of one. Copies of the game have become very rare in Europe and are now sold online for very high prices. Mario Party 3 probably made the biggest additions and changes in the history of the series and because of this, hard core fans of the series are divided between those who love it dearly and those who desperately hate it. Many of the new additions made in this game did not make a return when the series shifted over to the GameCube with Mario Party 4.

    Battle Royal


    Battle Royal is the same mode that was used in previous Mario Party games. The objective is to move around the game board and collect as many stars as possible. The person who has the most stars by the end of the predetermined amount of turns wins. Players obtain stars at the Star Space for 20 coins. The Star Space is randomly determined and each time somebody gets a star, the Star Space moves to another location on the board. At the end of each turn, the 4 characters compete in a mini-game. The winner(s) of the mini-game receives 10 coins. To move around the board, players hit a 10-sided dice block, and the number they get determines how far they move.


    There are a total of 8 different spaces players can land on each board:

    • Blue Space: The most frequent space on all of the boards. If you land on this, you will get 3 coins (6 in the last 5 turns) and a blue status for that turn.
    • Red Space: Landing on this will make you lose 3 coins (6 in the last 5 turns) and give you a red status for that turn.
    • Happening Space: A green space with a question mark on top. Landing on one has a variety of actions, depending on the board and the location. It will give you a green status for that turn
    • Bowser Space: The worse space to possibly land on. Bowser will bring up a roulette, each option with a horrible consequence, which includes losing stars and coins. This also gives a red status.
    • Chance Time Space: A green space with an exclamation mark on top. This brings up a slot machine with 3 panels. The left and right panel are the playing characters while the middle one is the yield. Players can give a certain amount of coins or stars to the other player, or they could both swap coins or stars. This also gives a green status.
    • Battle Space: All players must give up a certain amount of coins to the pot and play a mini-game. 1st place gets 70% and second place gets 30%.
    • Item Space: One of the best spaces because there is a high reward and no risk. You either play an item mini-game to earn items or you get asked a question by Toad or Baby Bowser and they give you an item if you picked the right answer. This space gives a green status.
    • Koopa Bank Space: Passing by this space will force you to give up 5 coins to the Koopa Bank. Landing on this space will give you all of the coins the Koopa Bank has collected. Landing here gives a green status.
    • Game Guy Space: Landing on this space will force you to surrender all of your coins, and play a Game Guy mini-game. Winning will double your coin total, but if you lose, all your coins will be lost.

    Duel Mode


    Duel mode was a completely new addition to the Mario Party series. In duel mode there are only two combatants instead of the usual 4. The objective here is different than Battle Royal; instead of collecting stars, the mission is to remove the enemy's 5 heart pieces. To do this, you can use a partner that you pay 10 coins for, and they will move in front of you. If you walk into the enemy, they will attack him or her which will result in lost heart pieces, depending on how strong the partner is. You can also have a partner be put behind you so you can use some defense. The partner you get is determined by a roulette. Partners also have a salary that you have to pay on a turn-basis. They will disappear if you cannot pay for their services. If both combatants are still alive by the end of the predetermined amount of turns, then the character with the most heart pieces wins. If they have the same amount of heart pieces, then the character with the most coins wins. If they still somehow have the same amount of heart pieces and coins, then the winner will be determined by who rolls a higher number on 10-sided dice block.


    There are some new spaces exclusively for the Duel Mode and some from Battle Royal. There are also others from Battle Royal that are not present in Duel Mode. The following are the spaces in Duel Mode:

    • Normal Space: A normal, blank space. When you land on one, your characters face will mark it. If you land on the same space again, you will earn 5 coins. If enemy lands on it, you will receive 5 coins from them. You can also land it your enemy's space(s).
    • Mini-Game Space: When this space is landed on, a mini-game begins and the winner receives 5 coins.
    • Power-Up Space: When somebody lands on a Power-Up Space, his or her characters' stats will go up, however, so will their salary.
    • Reverse Space: If landed on, you are forced to roll again and move in the opposite direction.
    • Happening Space: A green space with a question mark on top. Landing on one has a variety of actions, depending on the board and the location.
    • Game Guy Space: Landing on this space will force you to surrender all of your coins, and play a Game Guy mini-game. Winning will double your coin total, but if you lose, all your coins will be lost.

    Story Mode


    In story mode, the objective is to collect 7 star-stamps. In order to do this, you must win in Battle Royal and Duel Mode games. For each stamp you must first one a Battle Royal and then win a Duel Mode game. However, for the seventh stamp, you must beat a boss. After doing so, you beat the Story Mode. By beating it, the face of the character that you beat it with will be engraved into Mt. Mariomore, a play on the American monument, Mt. Rushmore. You will also unlock a hidden mini-game and unlock super hard difficulty if you beat Story Mode on hard.


    4 Player Mini-Games:

    This mini-game will take place after the turn is over if all of the characters have a blue status* or if all have a red status*. In these mini-games all 4 players are competing against each other to win the mini-game.


    • Treadmill Grill:


    Treadmill Grill
    Treadmill Grill

    The objective of the minigame is that the players attempt to knock all the remaining players off the four rows of conveyor belts within the time limit of 30 seconds.

    During physical gameplay, the players can jump on the players, attack by punching or using ground pound to stun the other players. Jumping or punching other players causes them to barely move or jump for a short amount of time. Ground pounding a opponent with stun them for a brief moment.

    The four rows of conveyor belts will move to the left or right side at varying speeds. The conveyor belts' direction will change randomly and without warning. As time passes the size of the four rows conveyor belts will decrease limiting the area where players can move.

    If one of the players successfully knocks all the other players onto the blue Podoboos before the time is up, he or she wins. If time runs out before all, but one player is eliminated then it will be a tie.

    • Ice Rink Risk:

    Ice Rink Risk
    Ice Rink Risk


    The players have to avoid being hit by the spiked Koopa shell for 30 seconds, while running around on the slippery ice. The last remaining player will win the coins. If more than one player is still reaming when time is up then it is a tie.

    Players can stomp on the other players to stun them, making them more likely to be hit by the Koopa Shell.The farther a Koopa shell moves the faster it will bounce off the wall when it hits it and as time passes by, more Spiny Shells appear.

    • Parasol Plummet:

    Parasol Plummet
    Parasol Plummet


    This is a 4-player Coin Mini-game were Players attempt to collect coins while falling through the sky. Each player has a parasol, which when opened allows the player to move to the left and right while moving up. If the Parasol is closed then the player will fall straight down.

    Hammer Bros. at both sides throw Coins, Coin Bags and Hammers to players. If a player gets hit by a hammer, the parasol closes and they fall, and they will be temporarily unable to collect coins.

    • Messy Memory

    Messy Memory
    Messy Memory


    Before the minigame starts, players will given time to memorize the location of items on shelves. After that, Toads come onto the screen and knock down some of the items behind a cloud of white smoke.

    When the minigame starts, the players will then move the items back to there original location on the shelf. Once done, the player can close their curtains and open the curtains if they feel uncertain about the placement they had picked. When the timer runs out , the game ends, all the curtains close.Then all the curtains reopen, and the game shows the correct placement of each item from left to right.

    The player who puts the most items in their proper places wins.

    • Picture Imperfect

    Picture Imperfect
    Picture Imperfect


    Players have to re-make the original picture shown to them by hitting the Blue ! Block to stop the correct parts as they appear. Each set of parts flashes by quicker after each selection. The more accurate the picture is, more the points the player will earn. The player who has most points at the end of the minigame wins.

    • Mario Party Intelligence Quotient

    M.P.I.Q. (Mario Part Intelligence Quotient)
    M.P.I.Q. (Mario Part Intelligence Quotient)

    Game Play:

    Players listen to Toad as he is asking a question based on the activities on the board, players or anything related to them.

    The first player to answer three questions correctly wins. Toad will show the question letter by letter as. A player can press to hit the buzzer at anytime when the questions being asked and then they will be able to answer the question, An "O" means the answer is correct and an "X" means the answer is incorrect. If an answer is incorrect, the player who answered the question will get squashed by a block and loses their turn. Players are also squashed if a question is not answered within five seconds.

    • Curtain Call

    Curtain Call
    Curtain Call


    Players have to memorize the order of the Goombas, Koopas, and Boos onstage. The curtain will then close, and Toad will ask all of the players a question about the position of one of the characters. More characters will come by as the game progresses. If one of the players gets the wrong answer, that player is out of the game and is forced to dance. The last player standing wins.

    • Cheep Cheep Chase

    Cheep Cheep Chase
    Cheep Cheep Chase


    Players have to outrace the Cheep Cheep by swimming until one of the players reaches the end; players also have to dodge the floating bombs on the way by swimming under them.

    If a player gets eaten by the Cheep Cheep, they are out of the minigame. If a player touches a floating bomb, they are stunned for a moment. The first player to reach the end wins.

    • Snowball Summit
    • Toadstool Titan
    • Bounce 'n' Trounce
    • Chip Shot Challenge
    • Mario's Puzzle Party
    • The Beat Goes On
    • Water Whirled
    • Frigid Bridges
    • Awful Tower
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Rockin' Raceway

    1 VS 3 Mini-Games:

    This mini-game will take place after the turn is over if one character has a blue status* and three have a red status* or if one character has a red status* and three have a blue status*. In these mini-game one person takes on a team of three.


    • Coconut Conk
    • Spotlight Swim
    • Boulder Balls
    • Crazy Cogs
    • Hide and Sneak
    • River Raiders
    • Tidal Toss
    • Hand, Line and Sinker
    • Ridiculous Relay
    • Thwomp Pull

    2 VS 2 Mini-Games:

    This mini-game takes place after the turn is over if two characters have a blue status* and the two other characters have a red status*. In these mini-games, a two teams of two compete against eachother for victory.


    • Eatsa Pizza
    • Baby Bowser Broadside
    • Cosmic Coaster
    • Puddle Paddle
    • Log Jam
    • Pump, Pump and Away
    • Hyper Hydrants
    • Picking Panic
    • Etch 'n' Catch
    • Slot Synch

    Battle Mini-Games:

    A battle mini-game will occur if somebody lands on the Battle Space. Every player must give up a certain amount of coins to the pot. 1st place gets 70% and 2nd place gets 30%.


    • Stacked Deck
    • Three Door Monty
    • Merry-Go-Chomp
    • Slap Down
    • Locked Out
    • All Fired Up
    • Storm Chasers
    • Eye Sore

    Item Mini-Games:

    One person can play an item mini-game if they land on the Item Space. Obviously, they can earn items by winning.


    • Winner's Wheel
    • Hey, Batter Batter!
    • Bobbing Bow-loons
    • Dorrie Dip
    • Swinging with Sharks
    • Swinging 'n' Swipe

    Duel Mini-Games:

    A player can use an item, The Dueling Glove, to initiate a duel. The person who initiates the duel wagers the amount of coins or stars both players put in the pot. The winner takes all of them. Duels can also be stated if two players land on the same space in the last 5 turns.


    • Vine With Me
    • Popgun Pick-Off
    • End of the Line
    • Baby Bowser Bonkers
    • Silly Screws
    • Crowd Cover
    • Tick Tock Hop
    • Bowser Toss
    • Motor Rooter
    • Fowl Play

    Game Guy Mini-Games:

    When somebody lands on a Game Guy space, they must play a Game-Guy mini-game. He/She must wager all of their coins; winning doubles the amount of coins, but losing takes away every coin. These mini-games are completely luck based.


    • Game Guy's Lucky 7

    • Game Guy's Magic Boxes

    • Game Guy's Roulette

    • Game Guy's Sweet Surprise

    * - If you received a green status for that turn, a computer will randomly assign you to a blue or red status.

    Other Notable Additions

    • This was the first Mario Party to add additional characters to the original six. The cast for Mario Party 3 is: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi (new), and Daisy (new). However, Waluigi and Daisy cannot be used in Story Mode.
    • This was the first entry in the series to allow multiple items to be held. Mario Party 3 allows three items to be held, while Mario Party 2 only allowed one.

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