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    Mario Party 7

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 07, 2005

    More Mario Party fun on the Nintendo GameCube. Grab three friends and have fun in the Mushroom Kingdom. As indicated on the box art, this game included the Gamecube Microphone which connected through the memory card ports and was used in several mini games.

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    Mario Party 7 is the ninth game in the Mario Party franchise (including Mario Party-e and Mario Party Advance). Mario Party 7 was released for the Nintendo GameCube on November 7, 2005 in North America, on November 10, 2005 in Japan, on February 10, 2006 in Europe, and on June 8, 2006 in Australia. The game was developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo. Mario Party 7 has 88 new minigames, as well as various other new features. Mario Party 7 also is packaged with a microphone, like Mario Party 6. The story of the game involves Toadsworth hosting a cruise and inviting everyone except for Bowser. Bowser decides to ruin their vacation.


    One of the many minigames.
    One of the many minigames.
    Mario Party 7 is the same as almost all other Mario Party games. Mario Party 7 takes place across a variety of boards. Each of these games has the goal of collecting the most stars, but each board has a different way of getting these stars. The multiplayer game now can have up to eight people at once. Players have are split into four teams of two, and each team must share one controller. The first player uses the control stick and L button, while the second player uses the C-stick and R button.

    The single-player game is very different from previous Mario Party games. The player plays against either computer or human controlled opponents while attempting to complete several objectives. These objectives vary, such as collecting an amount of stars, or collecting coins.

    The game has all of the playable characters of Mario Party 6 (save for Koopa Kid), as well as two new characters. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette, Wario, Waluigi, Boo, and Dry Bones are the playable characters. Boo and Dry Bones must be purchased in the shop.

    The minigames in Mario Party 7 are split up into nine different types: four player, one versus three, two versus two, Battle, Duel, eight player, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Rare minigames. In addition to this, there are nine minigames that can be played with the microphone. As in other Mario Party games, Mario Party 7 contains no minigames from previous iterations.

    Game Boards

    • Grand Canal
    • Pagoda Peak
    • Pyramid Park
    • Neon Heights
    • Windmillville
    • Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! 
      Bowser's Enchanted Inferno! 
      Bowser's Enchanted Inferno


    Four player minigames

    • Catchy Tunes
    • Bubble Brawl
    • Track & Yield
    • Fun Run
    • Cointagious
    • Snow Ride
    • Picture This
    • Ghost in the Hall
    • Big Dripper
    • Target Tag
    • Pokey Pummel
    • Take Me Ohm
    • Kart Wheeled
    • Balloon Busters
    • Clock Watchers
    • Dart Attack
    • Oil Crisis
    • Mathemortician

    One versus three minigames

    • La Bomba
    • Spray Anything
    • Balloonatic
    • Spinner Cell
    • Easy Pickings
    • Think Tank
    • Flashfright
    • Coin-op Bop
    • Pogo-a-Go-Go
    • Wheel of Woe
    • Boxing Day
    • Be My Chum!
    • StratosFEAR!
    • Number Crunchers

    Two versus two minigames

    • Buzztormer
    • Tile and Error
    • Battery Ram
    • Cardinal Rule
    • Bumper Crop
    • Hop-O-Matic 4000
    • Sphere Factor
    • Wingin' It
    • Herbicidal Maniac
    • Pyramid Scheme
    • World Piece
    • Spider Stomp

    Battle minigames

    • Helipopper
    • Monty's Revenge
    • Deck Hands 
      Deck Hands 
      Deck Hands
    • Air Farce
    • The Final Countdown

    Duel minigames

    • Warp Pipe Dreams
    • Weight for It
    • Mad Props
    • Gimme a Sign
    • Bridge Work
    • Spin Doctor
    • Hip Hop Drop
    • Royal Rumpus
    • Light Speed
    • Apes of Wrath 
      Apes of Wrath 
      Apes of Wrath
    • Fish & Cheeps
    • Camp Ukiki

    Eight player minigames

    • Real Smoothie
    • Spin Off
    • Grin and Bar It
    • Hammer Spammer
    • Gimme a Brake
    • Bumper to Bumper
    • Synch-row-nicity
    • Rope a Dope
    • Duct & Cover
    • Bob-Onic Plague
    • Unhappy Trails
    • Shock Absorbers

    Other minigames

    • Ice Moves
    • Bowser's Lovely Lift!
    • Stick and Spin 
      Stick and Spin 
      Stick and Spin

    Bowser Minigames 

    • Funstacle Course!
    • Funderwall!
    • Magmagical Journey!
    • Slot-O-Whirl!
    • Treasure Dome!
      Treasure Dome!
      Treasure Dome!
    • Tunnel of Lava!

    DK Minigames 

    • Peel Out
    • Bananas Faster
    • Stump Charge
    • Jump, Man
    •          Vine Country
               Vine Country
      Vine Country
    • A Bridge Too Short

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