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Does it embarrass you when you have to do this one at a party?  I recently found myself in a situation where we had everyone over at me and my roommates' new apartment, and we had a copy of Mario Party 8 over there.  Two chicks, me, and one other guy playing.  Well, needless to say, when the Soda Shaking game popped up...the girls were in last place.

Should you be embarrassed about winning at it?  I mean, granted, it meant that I ended up getting the dough for a fourth star and the win, so I was able to rub in their face that they sucked at random chance, but still...why in the hell would Nintendo make a game where you basically jerk off your Wii-mote in order to shake a soda...FOR KIDS?!
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Because kids don't think about it as jerking off with your Wii-mote like older teenagers+ do.

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<------ 26

But still...what core values are we teaching them, ya know?  I mean, is it okay for them to do that?  Worse off, what if they grab it with two hands and start flailing their arms up and down all crazy and shit? do I link videos? Like, so they are in the thread and not just a link?  Embed, that's the word!!! 
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Wow. Growing up is the idea that comes to my mind...

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