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Boo's Cheerleader Change Room Adventure 0

A lesson that all gamers must come to grips with is the idea that not every game is accessible or interesting to non-gamers. While many college boys in dorms filled with Xboxes and Halo players who smoke substances that match the Chief’s green armor, the rest of us have to contend with girlfriends, cousins, younger siblings and jock classmates whom have a hard time grasping that one analog stick moves and the other looks. And I didn’t even have much in the way of console shooters in my heyday; i...

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Best in the Series 1

Mario Party 8 is the best in the Mario Party series. It has more mini-games, better graphics, and better boards. The music is great and Daisy's voice has gotten even better. The boards are very fun and the spaces on the boards take more effect than usual. When I first played it, I though it was an Okay game, but when I played it more, it was an great game. I'd recommend this to any Wii owner and I'd recommend this too any Mario Party fan out there. It's very addictve and fun....

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Wii controls fail to save this game from the pit of boredom! 0

Mario Party 8 is one of the best selling Wii games selling over 4.86 units worldwide, but then we must feel sorry for all those 4.86 people as Mario Party 8 is a failure and like many other titles ruins the Wii's name! The Mario Party series has always been decent with the exeption of Mario Party DS and Mario Party 5 which were good fun, but unfortunatley Mario Party 8 fails to make them proud and continues to make use of oddball no fun mini-games, and we still have to wait 5 minutes for each tu...

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The real difference between Mario Party 7 and this is the number 0

  Hudson has been with Nintendo working on Mario Party games for a long time. Not too long after the Wii came out, the development of Mario Party 8 was already underway. The thing that has most attracted fans are the minigames. Fun, little games that pits players against each other. The boards are also normally fun looking and nice to play on. You really do feel some competition in a game rated E. Unfortunately, little or no thought has been given to the latest installment in the series, Mario ...

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Mario Party 8 WII 0

Mario Party 8 published by Nintendo for the WII is a game which offers fun while it lasts. Gameplay: Mario Party 8 is based on the same premise as previous titles in the series. The player takes control of one of the popular characters from the Mario universe and plays through board game levels full of mini games and surprises. Similar to previous titles Mario Party 8 offers the most fun when played with others, and there are numerous ways to do just that. The main mode of play is battle mode...

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Mario Party 8 is a fun multiplayer game but not much new content 0

Mario Party 8 is a fun multiplayer game that was released for the WIi and it really isn't that new from Mario Party 7. The concept of Mario Party has stayed the same with 4 people playing on a board and whoever gets the most stars wins but with this being the 8th of the series you would expect something new but no. The game still has minigames and the same boring old characters. The controls for the Mario Party 8 are simply and the Wiimote I think is perfect for this type of game and it does wor...

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Mario Party 8 is pretty fun 0

Mario Party started back in the days of the Nintendo 64. Since then the party has continued on a nearly annual basis. Mario Party 8 continues the trend, and it doesn't look to stop any time soon. At it's heart Mario Party is a multiplayer game. Loads of minigames, and backstabbing friends is the name of the game. If you've played Mario Party before then you know exactly what to expect. The core of the game hasn't changed. You travel around a board, similar to a board game and you collect stars. ...

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