RUMOUR: Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

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#1 Posted by SuperMooseman (616 posts) -
According to this "exclusive" for Spanish Nintendo magazine Nintendo Acción hints at Mario and Sonic teaming up again for a winter games version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Here's a translation from game site Sega Nerds: "Who are these two and why do they come to see each other? Find out all the details on the mystery game in the next magazine. But before that, here are some clues: games, Olympics, It's cold, It's winter..."

Can't say we didn't see this one coming really, if it's true. I never picked up the first game though, so I very much doubt this will be any different.

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#2 Posted by Teh_Eel (302 posts) -

Why? Do people really need another subpar mini-game collection for the Wii?

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#3 Posted by Steve_C (1768 posts) -

Well it'll print money anyway.

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#4 Posted by Teptom (2074 posts) -

I can't wait to see all the mediocre scores this game gets.

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If they are putting Sonic and Mario together might as well be on something other than the Olympics.

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Snail said:
"If they are putting Sonic and Mario together might as well be on something other than the Olympics."
Buddy cop flick is number one on my list.
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I did see that on Kotaku.  Wouldn't surprise me if they made it.  I know that it will sell over a million.

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Oh not another bad/medicore game.
But it will sell, we know that.

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Oh, please, no.

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#11 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

ugh the game sux even by wii standards.

I've seen it bought first hand tho via name recognition. It's so sad.

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#12 Posted by reflectionshadow (10 posts) -

WHY!!!! How about you just murder sonic right now! then mario can bail and play tennis or golf or be a doctor or anything! he's better at all those then skiing or bobslead. (i think i vomited a little just thinking about that)

i don't know who i hate more sega or nintendo?
(can't you hate them equally?)
i suppose yes, yes i can.

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#13 Posted by Rayfield (2274 posts) -
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#14 Posted by LordAndrew (14601 posts) -

Genesis does what Nintendon't!

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