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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 13, 2009

    Mario & Sonic go head to head once again in Vancouver. They participate in a variety of winter themed events & some brand new Dream events.

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    One of the new events in the Wii version, Dream Ice Hockey.
    One of the new events in the Wii version, Dream Ice Hockey.

    The Wii version of the game features various co-op and competitive modes, including boss battles and Festival Mode. Festival Mode allows the player(s) to play through an Olympic competition from opening to closing ceremony.

    The game offers Wii Balance Board support.


    The DS version of the game offers Adventure Tour mode, in which the player tries to stop Dr. Eggman and Bowser from ruining the Olympic Games. The game also features Wi-Fi multiplayer as well as Download Play.


    Real Events

    • Alpine Skiing (Downhill)
      Alpine Skiing (Downhill)
      Alpine Skiing (Downhill /Giant Slalom)
    • Figure Skating
    • Moguls
    • Bobsleigh
    • Biathalon (DS)
    • Ski Jumping
    • Snowboard Half-Pipe (Wii)
    • Speed Skating 500m
    • Short Track 500m
    • Short Track 1,000m
    • Ice Hockey
    • Snowboard Cross
    • Luge
    • Skeleton
    • Nordic Combined

    Wii Dream Events

    • Dream Ski Cross
      Dream Ski Cross
      Dream Ski Cross
    • Dream Ice Hockey
    • Dream Ski Jumping
    • Dream Bobsleigh
    • Dream Figure Skating
    • Dream Snowball Fight
    • Dream Hang gliding
    • Dream Curling
    • Dream Alpine

    DS Dream Events

    • Extreme Snowboarding
    • Curling Bowling
      Curling Bowling
      Curling Bowling
    • Blazing Bobsleigh
    • Intense Short Track
    • Supersonic Downhill
    • Deluxe Halfpipe
    • Ski Shooting
    • Ultimate Figure Skating
    • Ski Cross Racing
    • Rocket Ski Jumping
    • Fever Hockey
    • Snow Machine Fight


    Team Mario


    Team Sonic

    Vector the Crocodile
    Vector the Crocodile

    Players can also play as their Mii in the Wii version. The game features customizable gear and clothing for players' Miis.

    The game will also feature various supporting characters and bosses from or inspired by the Mario and Sonic universes.

    Game Modes

    • Single Match
    • Shopping (Wii)
    • Festival Mode (Wii)
    • Party Games
    • Adventure Tour (DS)
    • Multi-Round Match (DS)

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