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The game's title screen with Mario swinging for the fences.
The game's title screen with Mario swinging for the fences.

In this Nintendo Gamecube game Mario Superstar Baseball, Mario & friends compete in a new game, baseball! This game has 6 stadiums, a Challenge Mode, Toy Field, and more. This game features plenty of batting, pitching, running, and Star Swings

In the story mode, you choose one of the teams, headlined by one of the major Mario character. The rest of your team is populated depending on who you chose by other minor Mario characters such as Shy Guys and Koopas. You go around a large over-world challenging the other teams that you did not choose. As you fight them, star opportunities come up for each character you face. If you get a certain amount of stars, the character you faced when you earned them will join your team at the end of the match. After you beat all of the other teams, you will be allowed to challenge Bowser. The overworld also had many minigames and a store that you could purchase special items and moves from. As you walked around the overworld, you would occasionaly run into one of the mini bowsers that would challenge you to a match.

One of the 6 stadiums in the game, Mario Stadium.
One of the 6 stadiums in the game, Mario Stadium.

The gameplay is very similar to many old Baseball games. The longer you hold down the A button, the harder the hit will be. If you hit the ball at different distances from you, it would change the trajectory of the ball. In the outfield you control where the ball would go with the D-Pad. Each of the stadiums had it's individual characteristics that would change how the game would work, for example, one stage had coin blocks in the sky that the ball would hit, and one had a piranha plant that would hit any of the outfield players that got too close. These different stadiums varied up the gameplay and kept the player interested. This was the first game to feature both goomba's and paragoomba's as playable characters.


Team Captains

LuigiBalancedGreen Fireball
BirdoBalancedFlower Ball
DaisyBalancedWeird Egg
PeachTechniqueHeart Ball
WaluigiTechniqueLiar Ball
YoshiSpeedEgg Ball
Diddy KongSpeedBoomerang Ball
WarioPowerPhony Ball
Donkey KongPowerBanana Ball
BowserPowerKiller Ball
Bowser Jr.PowerKiller Jr. Ball

Team Players

Koopa TroopaBalanced
Shy GuyBalanced
Dry BonesTechnique
Koopa ParatroopaTechnique
Dixie Kong (Unlockable)Technique
Baby MarioSpeed
Baby Luigi (Unlockable)Speed
Monty Mole (Unlockable)Speed
Toadette (Unlockable)Speed
King BooPower
Petey Piranha (Unlockable)Power
Hammer Bro (Unlockable)Power

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