The 3D effect disappears in behind the shoulder view

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I have played this game at the GDC.

The normal view is fine, and it looks like any other Mario Tennis game but with 3D effects because it's on the 3DS.

However, when the 3DS is raised up, the view switches to a behind the shoulder view, and the 3D effect disappears. Very odd. I suppose it's still early and maybe they could add the special effects in for that view in the final version.

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Isn't that when you would want 3D the most?

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@TentPole said:

Isn't that when you would want 3D the most?

In the behind the shoulder view? Yeah, that's what I was thinking. That's why I was so confused. I thought about asking the attendant why the effects turned off, but I didn't.

But this is just the GDC version as I said, so maybe this will change.

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@rjay_64: It didn't change. There is still no 3D in behind-the-shoulder view.

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Weird necro =O. It doesn't have 3D on because you have to move the 3DS around.

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