Would anyone play a Mario Plumbing Game?

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#1 Posted by Sedarati (116 posts) -

can't remember the last time I saw him holding a wrench...

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#2 Posted by xphacter (6 posts) -

a game like pipe dream?

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#3 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Who wouldn't?

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#4 Posted by Clean (2432 posts) -

Yea he would go through toilets and defeat poo monsters. Maybe it would explain how he got out of the buisness.

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#5 Posted by ReggieWhiteJr (5 posts) -

If the game is good, sure. I've always wondered why Mario has never been in a game that took advantage of his profession. He's don everything except unclog pipes.

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#6 Posted by Systech (4190 posts) -

If it involves pumping a Wii Remote up and down, there are already real-life games that are better.

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#7 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -

Yes i would.

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#8 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Awww that would be awesome.
U gotta love mario

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