Top 5 worst Mario Characters

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In the Mario series, there are several characters that are great, but there are just as many annoying characters. Here I will show my top 5 worst Mario Characters.
5. Bowser Jr./ When Super Mario Sunshine debuted back in 2002. I'm sure some of you were happy to see that Bowser was not the vilian, but as we played further thru we discovered something even more annoying Bowser had a son. A sad replacement for the koopalings and a uncessary character, Bowser Jr. needs to take a break perminatl.
4. King Boo/ King Boo wasn't as bad as when he first appeared, it wasn't until I started playing more Mario games that I suddenly realized that his laugh was driving me crazy, and if he's suppose to the king of boo's then why's he taken orders from Bowser.
3. Toadette/ Don't get me wrong I like Toad and I think he deserved a partner too, but what is the point of Toadette, other than to be toad's partner nothing!
2. Baby Daisy/ Now here's a WTF they were thinking moment, although Toadette has no point in the Mario series other than to be toad's partner. Baby Daisy is more useless. What was the point of making a baby version of a already pointless character? None! And if you think that's it, then wait until you see my number one choice.
1. Princess Daisy/ That's right my number one worst Mario character is Princess Daisy. I'll give her some credit for being in one none Mario Spin off game, but it's just one game and nothing more. I absolutely hate her voice and she has no purpose in the Mario franchise. Why doesn't she get kidnapped by Tatanga and nver come back, yeah that would hit the spot. 

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