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    Mark Hammond

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    A reformed mobster, on the straight and narrow, now on the run for murder.

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    Mark Hammond is an ex-member of the Collins Crew, based in Soho, London. He was arrested after a failed bank heist and served time in jail. He left the gang after this because of his family. Hammond is, or was, married to Susie, and together they had a child.  However, on a standard day, his wife is shot dead, and his son is kidnapped.


    Hammond's story kicks off with you waking up after hearing a gunshot. You leave the house to find your wife dead on the ground, and your son being forced into a brown Rover 75. Hammond's reaction is to chase after this car, and find the men responsible for these deeds. However, in his anger he grabs the gun that was used to shoot his wife. This gun incriminates him due to the fact it will have his prints on it. 
    Once you arrive at the location the kidnappers travel to, you discover they acted on the orders of one Charlie Jolson, a notorious gang leader in London. Jolson intends to make Hammond do his bidding, should he want to see his son alive. As a result, Hammond is sent on suicidal tasks to attack other gangs, and is being chased by all the gangs in London, as well as by the police for the murder of his wife and the kidnapping of his child. 
    Mark Hammond's path crosses with Detective Frank Carter, of the Metropolitan Police's 'Flying Squad'. Carter's job would suggest that he should arrest Hammond, though he actually helps him break out of the cell in which Jolson has had him placed. Hammond escapes, and eventually events culminate with Jolson offering a solution to all the gangs in London, aboard a ship called the 'Sol Vita'. In reality, he intends to blow the ship up, killing all of the gang leaders and leaving him the dominant force in London. Hammond was effectively a pawn, and the final task Jolson sends him on involves shooting up a Yardie crack den. Hammond takes the cash for himself, and the Yardie leader, Jamahl, is actually kind enough to allow him to take the money, on one condition: he never returns to London. 

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