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    MarkMan is a playable character in Divekick based on Mad Catz's Mark 'MarkMan' Julio. He is a parody of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Phoenix Wright and Tekken's Kazuya Mishima.

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    MarkMan is a playable character in Divekick. He hopes to win Divekick tournaments with his kickbox invention so that others will buy it. He has two modes, search mode and Upkick mode. Search mode allows MarkMan to find parts of his kickbox to assemble and throw different items with different properties. Once MarkMan has all three kickbox parts he enters upkick mode in which he gains the ability to kick upwards.

    • Health: 500
    • Power: 60,000 – 895,000
    • Hometown: San Diego, CA
    • Blood Type: B
    • Likes: Sneakers, Electronics, Collecting, Mad Catz
    • Dislikes: Preferential treatment, 9am pools

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [ + ] Upkick (precision mode special) has ~33% more velocity than before.

    [ + ] Upkicks cost 20-40% more precision meter, but the auto drain on precision much slower.

    [ + ] If you don't use any Upkicks, precision mode now lasts about 40 seconds.

    [ + ] Search (ground special) recovers 6 frames faster.

    [ - ] Upkick attack boxes no longer go past Markman's knee.

    [ - ] Decreased kickback distance by about ~8%

    [ - ] The angle that Markman travels after using Feint (air special) has changed. He falls down much more sharply now.

    [ - ] Increased his Kick startup time by ~17%.

    [ - ] Kickfactor speed buff is now ~38% lower.

    [ - ] Kick speed is 9% slower.

    [ - ] EWGF is ~16% slower.


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