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Meer is a member of the Canadian Comedy Award-winning improv troupe Die-Nasty and stars in the CBC sketch comedy radio program "The Irrelevant Show".

While Mark is most recognisable as the male Commander Shepard and the male Commander Shepard Clone, he also voiced all of the Vorcha, Hanar (including Blasto), and many of the Volus encountered across the series. For the Mass Effect 3 demo, Mark Meer acted as the placeholder for Mordin Solus, until William Salyers was brought in to voice the character in the full game.

Besides his work in the Mass Effect series, he provided additional voices for various older Bioware games such as Baldur's Gate II, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, along with more recent games such as Dragon Age. In Origins, Meer provided the voice for the male Warden's ''violent voice'' for the human/elf mid-combat quips and efforts, and voiced all of The Disciples--sentient Darkspawn who can talk and have free-will--in the expansion to Origins, Awakening.

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