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Mark Meltzer is a character in Bioshock 2. He first appeared in a pre-release viral marketting campaign called "Something in the Sea".


Mark lives with his wife Amanda, and his daughter Cindy. His journey starts when he notices a pattern in kidnappings along the coast of Europe. He notices recurring reports of mysterious red lights in the sea, and how all the victims are young girls of the same build and shape. He investigates into the phenomenon a bit too far, when the kidnapper (later revealed to be the big sister) follows him home one night and abducts his own daughter, Cindy Meltzer. 

Mark devotes his life to finding his missing daughter. His behaviour becomes irrational, people judge his findings as crazy and direct him to seek help. On a stake-out one night, Mark is attacked by the big sister and comes out with 3 broken ribs and a broken leg. His wife divorces him for “recklessly endangering the safety and well being of his spouse and family."
On the verge of a mental breakdown, Mark finally finds new hope when dozens of  Arcadia Merlot bottles wash up on the shore , each containing promotional flyers and posters for plasmids, gene tonics and Rapture. This was the sign Mark had been looking for and he continued his search, more determined than ever to find Rapture.
The next few months are a minagerie of frustrating clues and riddles that beat Mark to an all-time low. He eventually rallies a crew to set sail and search a mysterious set of co-ordinates Mark had discovered. The come across a lighthouse in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by a thick mist. Approaching the lighthouse, the ship is attacked by Splicers. Mark's room is infiltrated by, judging from his description, a Spider Splicer.
Mark escapes, but the ship's crew is ripped apart.
He finds refuge in the nearby lighthouse.


Mark's journey through Rapture is chronicled in a series of audio diaries.

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