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Way(s) of the Ninja 2

Today I was a demon.(Crouched in the shadows / Breath held; a guard walks below / Earnest blade whispers)I skulked vents and slunk along ceilings, watched my prey walk beneath me unaware. Every victim was bait for the next; his body dropped into a conspicuous puddle of light or hanged from a post in the path of a foe, where it’s likely to be seen. When you walk the Path of Nightmares, bodies are tools to cause terror and panic. And panic makes good cover.Then I was a shadow.(Silence is golden / ...

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Mark of the Ninja makes it's Mark! 0

Have you ever wanted to have the power of a tank while hiding in the shadows. How about the ability to inflict terror on your enemies with relative ease. In the stealth, action game, Mark of the Ninja, you will be able to accomplish these things plus more.Mark of the Ninja is a new game to come out on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The premise of Mark of the Ninja is very interesting and helps provide context for how you will play the game. In it, you play as a no-name ninja who must protect his cla...

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Hey, you're a badass ninja! 0

Mark of the Ninja is a 2-D stealth game developed by Klei Entertainment. That’s right, a 2-D stealth game. This seems odd on paper but it’s pulled off with an astounding degree of success. The game has you sneaking across city skylines and tip-toeing through enemy strongholds while silently assassinating enemies along the way. The game provides you with an ample, concise repertoire of tools to expertly pick apart the bad guys. You’ll be sticking to the shadows, dodging security systems, and usi...

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Mark of the Ninja Review 0

The stealth action genre has long been an echo chamber unto itself. While many games have integrated its core ideas, its pure form hasn’t evolved much since Metal Gear 2 on the MSX. It’s a genre that many critics have argued relies too heavily on trial-and-error, exists as puzzle games in action-game skin. Mark of the Ninja shrugs these distinctions off while living inside them. It’s a smart title that promotes a different a different kind of stealth: action not patience; the hunter, not the pre...

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Mark of the Ninja is Pretty Damn Great 0

I’ve always had a few problems with stealth games. While I enjoy the genre as a whole (I’m pretty sure I’ve owned all of the Splinter Cell games at some point or another), I don’t think I’ve ever played a stealth game where the actual stealth mechanics felt right. Enemies tend to be too savvy or not savvy enough, failing to notice a hulking dude barely concealed in a thin lair of shadow two feet away from them while three green dots glow vibrantly in the “dark” (and hey, if they do notice you, t...

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Transcendental 0

Mark of the Ninja not only perfects the stealth genre, it transcends it, such that even non-stealth-game fans are likely to enjoy its rewarding gameplay and captivating atmosphere."Fun" and "rules" are two concepts frequently placed at odds with one another, and yet one of the basic truths of video games is that they are fun because they have rules. Video games are simulations of various realities, built on sophisticated systems. Understanding the parameters and limitations of these simulations—...

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Mark of the Ninja: Fun in the... Dark 0

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to word this first sentence, but in the end, I think simplicity is the answer: Mark of the Ninja is an amazing game. Klei Entertainment, the fine folks that brought you Shank and... more Shank in Shank 2, decided to hit the cutting board of video game genres with a lightning quick ninjato stirke, boiling stealth games down to their core, leaving us with a delicious 2D-platformer stock made of impressive, expressive environments and an "all you need ...

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Excellent from start to finish 0

You may be getting slightly tired of arcade titles that come and go offering a limited amount of fun that you simply abandon after a while. In the age of triple A titles one can get accustomed to the big show and end up missing out on smaller venues along the way. Mark of the Ninja is a game that demonstrates how an arcade title can pack as much depth and enjoyment as it's full price, shelf contemporaries.Sound plays a key roleFrom the makers of Shank, Mark of the Ninja is despite the inherent s...

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A evolution of a genre that needs bigger change 1

Mark of the Ninja promised me the next evolution of stealth gaming. Instead I found a competent, but boring stealth side scroller. The situational visual and audio clues are well done, but the story and game play are mediocre at best. The fluidity of movement was consistently butting heads with the "sticky" behavior of the characters interaction with the enviornment, leaving the moment to moment gameplay feeling jerky...

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Mark of the Ninja Review 0

God I normally suck at stealth games. They require a patience that I usually lack. It's actually a little sad. Keeping myself perched in one position and waiting is typically so hard for me. Studying patrol routes and waiting for that perfect moment was something that always eluded me. It was never satisfying, I never got the how it could be. Being raised on faster affairs certainly did not ingratiate me to the rigors of stealth gaming; I basically resigned myself to it never being my cup of tea...

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Refreshing 0

Mark of the Ninja is one of those games that appeals to an acquired taste. Im not usually one to play stealth games, (IMHO I didnt like Dishonored that much) but i found MOTN very playable, and engaging.Visuals: Klei has been perfecting their graphic art style since they started doing Shank, and it shows. Its a smooth engine that looks great, and brings the game to life.Gameplay: This is a stealth focused side scroller, and all the gadgets and upgrades you can get make you really think and somet...

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A clever stealh game that is an absolute joy to play. 0

Mark of the Ninja, somewhat appropriately, is a game that snuck up on just about everyone. Very little hype came along with the release. Regardless of Microsoft's lack of promotion, this is the best 2D action game to hit XBLA since Shadow Complex, and you could make an argument it's actually the best title to come out on the XBox so far this year.The game starts you off with a level that, while serving mainly as a tutorial and spin-up for the rest of the game, is still incredibly fun to come bac...

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Mark of the Ninja Review (Death's Door Prods Review) 0

THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON DEATHSDOORPRODS.COMStealth games and I have a sordid history together. I first tried to get into the genre with games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Hitman 2, but they never really did anything for me. I could get through a level with a FAQ or something but I never felt like I was accomplishing anything. I was just following an instruction manual to get to the end. But over the past few I’ve started to come back to the genre. With games like Assass...

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Stealth party 0

I don’t care who you are – everyone has dreamed of being a ninja. The idea of embodying a skilled up assassin flipping out and serving up various forms of creeping death has always been ripe ground for computer game based power trips.Mark of the Ninja sees players take control of an unnamed champion in a 2D side scrolling stealth adventure with a heavy emphasis on manipulating enemy AI.Klei Entertainment’s signature cartoon style from its Shank slash’em up games runs through here which is beauti...

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Mark the Ninja! 0

This game is great! It makes stealth fun. It also has a cool comic book look to it. Overall it was obviously made by people that knew what they were doing. Stealth games are usually difficult to play due to stiff controls or it being in first or third person. Those are fine ways to do stealth games. Mark of the Ninja just makes the 2D plain make sense. You never feel like the game is the reason that you're dead. All of the mistakes are up to you. Mark of the Ninja gives you all of the tools to d...

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