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    Mark Wilkins

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Mark Wilkins is a military veteran and resident of Raccoon City, and worked as a security guard. He is skilled with melee weapons.

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    Mark was a Vietnam veteran who looked for peace and safety moving into the pacific town in the mountains after the war ended. Mark moved into Racoon City and he get a job as a Security Guard for his war experience in Vietnam. His life looked nice and calm, and he was proud of it, but all changed when the T-Virus Outbreak killed the ones he love and his most close friends.

    From that day, Mark has to fight not only to save himself, as well as the other's, in his thought the memories of Vietnam came quickly. From Vietnam and Racoon City, there wasn't too much difference. He became friend fast with the fellow survivor, David King.


    Mark is huge and strong, giving him the most health out of all the characters in the game. His special attack is to block attacks with his arms, which can reduce damage, but not entirely. He can also use charge attacks with melee weapons, by keeping Mark idle in the attack stance for a couple of seconds. Mark also always carries his beloved custom 9mm Handgun (to which he has a faster firing animation over other characters) along with a 9mm clip, just in case.


    • Mark shares a striking resemblance to American actor Ving Rhames.

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